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Tips for Moving with Kids

My husband and I have moved a lot in our 17 years of marriage. But this is the first time we’ve moved with two kids, at ages where they will remember their old home, and are facing some big changes to our routine. So I’m sharing my best tips for moving with kids…based on our […] Read more…

raising a grateful child

Raising a Grateful Child: Tips and Activities

This time of year, I’m especially hopeful that I learn the key to raising a grateful child. I can almost see the greedy arm of materialism reaching for my kids at every turn. Young ones are especially susceptible to advertising, but thankfully, they’re also ready to soak up what we teach them. The other day, […] Read more…

Summer Staples for Moms + Kids

It turns out I’m not very organized about getting ready for the season, so thinking through my list of what we need every year has been really helpful! I’ll be referring back to this list every year. 🙂 In case you’re like me and only throw stuff in your shopping bag as you think of it, […] Read more…

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