life balance

How to Be a Happy Stay at Home Mom

It’s not my kids. It’s me who’s fussy today. To be completely honest, I need an attitude adjustment right now. Even though my kids are a huge blessing, I’ve forgotten how to be a happy stay at home mom. I don’t really want to run around the house pretending with them, breaking up squabbles, and […] Read more…

Creating Goals Instead of Resolutions

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals for the Year

I didn’t always know how to set goals and really stick with them. When I was a teen, I used to sit down on New Years’ Eve and write myself a little note. I wrote about things I hoped would change, things I knew would be different, a few time-capsule sort of notes about what […] Read more…


How Motherhood Changed Me

Back before I had kids, one of my fears was that motherhood would turn me into a different person. Who I’d be as a mom was such a mystery. Would I let myself go? Would my personality become annoyingly maternal? Would I only listen to songs with titles like Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy? Would I […] Read more…

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