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I worked with Karen of Warrior Women to refresh her lovely blog. Karen writes to encourage women to be brave in the battle. Her site was in need of a unique identity and some eye-catching graphics.

Karen shared a set of beautiful floral bouquet graphics with me that she wanted to incorporate into the site revamp. And incorporate, I did.

First, I created a few drafts of her logo, and she chose a floral-framed graphic with a classic look.

Her colors, navy and pink, were so lovely to play with. I updated her landing page with professional stock photography that fit perfectly with her brand. I made lots of tweaks to the overall look and feel of her site until we were both satisfied with it.

Her “about” sidebar information brings it all together…

…and the bonus Pinterest template I created in Canva looks equally classic and feminine.

Warrior Women has really bloomed into a beautiful and professional site (see what I did there?). I believe this improvement to her blog is going to make Karen’s words and ministry more effective and powerful, and it’ll definitely bring smiles to her readers’ faces.

Cheered on Mom