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I couldn’t be happier with how this site turned out! Jessie told me she was looking for bright, cheerful colors for her family travel blog called Follow Their Sunshine, and I took it from there. This was a new site, and I had a wonderful time working on everything from her logo to her slideshow.

They tell graphic designers to never fall in love with your first design. You’re usually biased toward it, and if you stop there, you could miss out on an even better look for your client. For some reason, I’m usually pretty good at following that advice. But this time, I fell in love with my first design for her logo.

I mean, how fun is this?

I designed two more, but Jessie liked this one and I was thrilled. This particular design incorporates cute graphics that lend themselves well to a family-focused blog. What appears to be a mama bird is following her little one to the sun on the right of the logo. I’m really happy with the cheerful, bright colors and how the graphics reflect the blog name.

I went on to customize the layout, add widgets, create graphics, and…well, it’s kind of a blur now. 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak at how the finished website is looking.

landing page with custom designed slideshow

This site had not been launched yet, so I created some sample posts to give Jessie an idea of what a blog post would look like.

sample blog post and about sidebar

Creating her blog signature to sign off on her posts was so much fun, too!

Cheered on Mom