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Moms to Add to Your Tribe: Mary, Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah

I’m a believer, and a busy stay-at-home mom of two kiddos. I absolutely love encouraging other moms here at my blog Cheered On Mom. So when I sat down to write a free eBook for my readers, I knew I wanted to write a quick read for busy moms who could use a bit of inspiration and understanding in their parenting.

I knew God had some specific wisdom for mothers in His word that I might be overlooking. Finding those nuggets of inspiration took a little digging, and a lot of self-reflection and honesty. And I’m so excited to share it with you!

What You’ll Get in Moms of the Bible

I bet you’re wondering what this free eBook looks like. Here’s what you can expect.

  • A quick read (25 pages) and a beautiful design
  • Biblically-based, scripture-filled discussion
  • Specific lessons from each of these four moms of the Bible
  • Relevant messages to apply to your own life as a mom
  • Encouragement, biblical wisdom, and a bit of humor

Is It Any Good?

If you aren’t familiar with me and Cheered On Mom, I don’t blame you for wondering whether this is worth your time. I don’t have any big claims about this book, though I pray God uses it to impact you. And I can tell you that:

  • I love God’s word.
  • I have a degree in English from the University of Iowa.
  • I care deeply about the material I share with you.
  • I have prayed over this book and each reader, and I felt led to share it for free (currently).

I pray that you’re blessed by this little eBook. Grab it by filling out the form below! I’ll send you lots of other freebies too!

Moms of the Bible: Free EBook

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