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All areas of self care for moms for mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Biblical Self Care Basics for Moms

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Moms, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Today I’m going to help you learn how to fill it by following some Biblical self care basics. Balancing the work you do for others with taking care of yourself is tough, but definitely worth the effort. Here are my best tips on health and wellness for […] Read more…

How to Edit Your Life For Spiritual Growth

There’s a little passage in John that describes how we bear fruit as believers. It says that in order to grow, we are pruned. We’d all love to be closer to God, but there’s work to do and branches to be cut back first. This is the passage that I think is a great metaphor […] Read more…

Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors: Book Review

A copy of the book Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors sits next to a fuschia colored pencil and a polka-dot notebook

I’m fresh from reading Jami Amerine’s book Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors, and I was worried this would happen. A sort of overflowing of words and writers’ block are hitting me all at once! I have to push through, because, after all, I want you to know about this book. Also, I agreed to review it. […] Read more…

Forgive Your Way to Freedom: Review + Giveaway

  I’ve been reading the book of Luke lately, and when I came to 17:1-10, I saw the passage in a whole new light. Jesus tells Peter to forgive a person as many times as needed, and Peter and the disciples are overwhelmed. Jesus encourages them by saying that they only need a small amount […] Read more…

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