Scripture Study Ideas

Here’s where you’ll find scripture study ideas for moms to get some great biblical inspiration and wisdom. Whether it’s verses on a theme or verses of the month, these words from the Bible are sure to lift you up.

Close up photo of a manger filled with hay on a gray background | Bible reading plan for advent

A Simple Bible Reading Plan for Advent

I’ve never followed a Bible reading plan for advent, and I figured it was about time! Christmas is coming, and this is my face. I’m so excited for everything the holiday season brings, from the tinsel to the carols. While my excitement is totally warranted, sometimes the pace and distractions mean I’m in danger of […] Read more…

How to Let Your Light Shine

This month’s verse is inspiring, beautiful, and a nice idea…but it’s so much more than that, too. These are the very words of Jesus, and He’s pointing out something that’s completely, painfully obvious, so that we’ll see how ridiculous it is to keep God’s grace all to ourselves. Then Jesus asked them, “Would anyone light […] Read more…

Encouraging Bible Verses: Be Confident

Hi there! Welcome to my little series called Encouraging Bible Verses. I’d love for you to browse the other posts in this series. Grab some coffee with me and let’s dive in to these Bible verses on confidence together. Stand Tall in Christ There’s a pendulum that swings between insecurity and arrogance, and I think […] Read more…

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