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Devotions for Moms

Biblical encouragement through devotions for moms and faith-based inspiration from one mama to another.

You Are a Good Mom (Even When They Fall)

The Story of An Average Day at My House I’d never seen my either of my kids’ blood, minus a few scraped knees, until last week. I was working on one side of the peninsula in our kitchen, making dinner, while my son Kai sat at the counter and Sylvie was playing on the other […] Read more…

Keeping Perspective When Life with Little Ones Doesn’t Go as Planned

I’m sitting here typing while the baby is napping and my preschooler is having a quiet time. There is a perfectly moody scene out our window, with darkened bare trees sketching veined lines across the silvery sky. Thunder rumbles ominously and the clouds suddenly open up, releasing a heavy shower that turns my view into […] Read more…

Why a Blog?

They tell you, when you start a blog, to have a plan. Your audience should be clear, your elevator pitch at the ready, your first three weeks of posts written, and an outline detailing your topics complete. You will have networked with other bloggers in your subject matter. You will make announcements on social media […] Read more…

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