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Biblical encouragement through devotions for moms and faith-based inspiration from one mama to another.

How Imperfect Moms Can Parent Like Jesus

parent like Jesus

What would my kids be like if Jesus was raising them? As a mom of preschoolers, I’ve never wanted to emulate the cheesy WWJD bracelets-of-yore more than I do today. I truly want to know how to parent like Jesus. Let’s just say I’m open to advice. I want input from the wise mothers who […] Read more…

A Mom Fail for the Ages

We all experience them. But what’s the worst mom fail you’ve ever had? I hope you’re creating a safe place for me in your mind from across the internet, because I’m about to share mine. Just so we’re clear, I have lots of mini mom fails every single day. #letsbereal But I decided to share […] Read more…

7 Reasons Why I Admire the Moms of the Bible

Why Look Up to Biblical Moms? When I took an honest look at the moms of the Bible, I learned that they were a lot like you and me. It’s completely true, and pretty encouraging! But I can’t leave it at that. After all, if they’re just like you and me, why bother studying them? […] Read more…

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