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Godly Mothers

Learn all about being a godly mother, including examples of godly mothers in the Bible. You’ll also see how to be a faith-filled mom who isn’t perfect but relies on God’s grace.

How to Edit Your Life For Spiritual Growth

There’s a little passage in John that describes how we bear fruit as believers. It says that in order to grow, we are pruned. We’d all love to be closer to God, but there’s work to do and branches to be cut back first. This is the passage that I think is a great metaphor […] Read more…

7 Reasons Why I Admire the Moms of the Bible

Why Look Up to Biblical Moms? When I took an honest look at the moms of the Bible, I learned that they were a lot like you and me. It’s completely true, and pretty encouraging! But I can’t leave it at that. After all, if they’re just like you and me, why bother studying them? […] Read more…

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