Super Cute Post Office Activities for the Early Years

It feels so good to teach your little one something new. When Kai was two, we did this lesson with the cutest post office activities for early years and he was over the moon.

My preschoolers started asking me about our mailbox and loved nothing more than seeing the postal worker delivering mail at about the same age. (We’re kind of avid window watchers.) That’s when I decided to teach my son all about it and make a day of learning about the mail.

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I loved doing this activity with my son and so did the grandparents. Why? Because your kiddo’s loved ones get a little memento out of it!

If the recipient writes back, your child gets special mail in return. It’s pretty much a win-win-win.

a girl holds a bright pink envelope in front of her face, with text overlay reading super cute post office activities for kiddos - free activity sheets

Post Office Activity Prep

Think about who you’d like your child to mail a letter to, and how many you can manage easily without creating too much work for your little guy or gal. For reference, we sent out four.


Here’s what you’ll need to gather:

  • A book about the Post Office
  • Post Office activity and coloring pages – preschool age (see download below)
  • Stickers, crayons/markers, etc.
  • A written note from you
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
A child places a colorful pink paper into a pink envelope with a pizza on it.

Post Office Activity Steps

Here’s how to create a fun morning of learning all about the post office and letters with your kiddo.

  1. Get a little conversation going about the mail. Ask your child if they have ever noticed the mail person delivering letters, or seen the mail truck parked in your neighborhood. Show your child something that came in the mail if you can, and point out the stamp.
  2. Read your book about mailing a letter (see above for ideas!)
  3. Create a bit of pretend play around delivering and receiving letters.
  4. Watch this video with your little one about the Post Office. It’s a little over seven minutes.

    This one takes kids behind the scenes at the Post Office, as well as on a mail route with the mailman. Have a little chat about the video, including what your child learned and liked.

  5. Have your kids work on the post office activity sheets from the download.
  6. Get to coloring, decorating, and working on those letters to your child’s loved ones! Don’t worry if the “letter” is mostly scribbles. 🙂
  7. Include a note from you to the recipient explaining what your child is learning about. If you want, encourage the recipient to write your child back (not you!). The excitement when they get their own letter in the mail is something they will remember.
A girl holds a bright pink envelope in front of her face.

Visit the Post Office

Of course, you could throw those sweet little letters in your mailbox for your mail person to pick up. But we took our letters straight to the post office! Here’s why:

  1. They get to see more than one postal worker in action.
  2. They get to see how other people in your town or city rely on the post office and use it.
  3. It’s a tiny adventure and gets you out of the house!
my kids and I in the Post Office, sitting in front of the PO Boxes
our crazy, blurry PO pic from a couple years ago and poor Kai is cut off! 🙂

The activities I’ve listed here will take you a full morning of themed learning. I think this is a great little lesson for homeschooling preschoolers as well.

The benefits your child will experience include observation, conversation, reading with mom, developing fine motor skills, using his or her imagination, learning social skills including giving and receiving, and just learning about the world around them.

I love nothing more than sweet and simple lessons for my kids that we can all enjoy. This one is a great activity for visual, aural, verbal, and physical learners all around! It’s a favorite that both of my kids remember and love to repeat. (Yes, you should do this more than once!)

Post Office Activity Sheets

You gotta have a few activity sheets to really drive the point home, right? I think these sheets make your day about the Post Office a bit more special. Hit the download button below to grab an activity sheet and a coloring sheet for preschoolers!

Instructions are included on the printable.

A preview of the post office activity sheets

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Shop the Activity

In case it’s easier for you, here’s everything you may need in addition to the download above and the YouTube video. These are top-rated favorites that will bring LOTS of smiles to your kids as well as anyone they write to!

I love that this activity can be repeated and it just may snowball into a new hobby for your little one. Ahhh, correspondence!

Moms, have fun teaching your little one about the lost art of letter writing and how our postal system works. I think you’ll both adore a themed day of learning!

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  1. Wow, I love this idea of post office activities! I’ve been having a hard time with this because we live in an apartment complex, so I love how you break down activities for the post office and learning all about it into specifics! It’s like having a little checklist 🙂

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