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I’m fresh from reading Jami Amerine’s book Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors, and I was worried this would happen. A sort of overflowing of words and writers’ block are hitting me all at once! I have to push through, because, after all, I want you to know about this book. Also, I agreed to review it.

It was an easy choice, because Jami had me at the title. Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors will hit home for every mother. It’s a powerful discussion of what it really means to be a parent. I savored every word and felt almost as though Jami is another version of me…just someone with more kids, and you know, an entirely different life.


a pink colored pencil sits next to the book Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors by Jami Amerine.

Letting Your Child Grow Up

When I was twelve, my mom and dad became foster parents. Jami and her husband, Justin, have six kids and have fostered and adopted as part of their parenting journey. Jami also lost her brother-in-law suddenly, and I did, too. But this isn’t a book about those experiences so much as it’s about finding the strength to rely on God’s grace and release our kids.

Yes, I can comfort and love and nurture. But if I fix everything for everyone, why do they need Jesus?  …Today, in their darkest and scariest moments, I don’t pray for God to give me the strength to fix them. I pray their hurt will be resolved by the One who died for them. …Jesus, please be the name on which they call.

—Jami Amerine

It’s so comforting to read about a mother living out her godly, grace-filled parenting philosophy along different phases of her children’s lives. By “phases” I mean not just different ages and backgrounds, but quite a bit of turmoil and testing.


A closeup of the book reading Sacred Ground, with a pink polka-dot bookmark.

Believing Moms are God’s Daughters

As a mom of a five- and two-year-old, I simply don’t have the kind of stories Jami does. (I hope Jami doesn’t mind me saying at this point, Praise God.) But I absolutely could identify with her perspective and response through each parenting story she shared.

In my journey as mother, I have given up my dignity, my last french fry, and my whole heart. I now believe this journey we’re on is not about being a perfect parent. It is about being parented by a perfect Father.

—Jami Amerine

This book is for every kind of mother out there. Because foster mom or not, we all have to let go of our children and our own pride. We’re called to live out our role as a daughter of the one who forgives, and we’re not identified by our child’s problems or successes.

Foster mom or not, we all have to let go of our children and our own pride. We're called to live out our role as a daughter of the one who forgives, and we're not identified by our child's problems or successes. Click To Tweet


Jami makes it clear that even if you’re a mom, first and foremost your identity is simply a child of God, and He’s the perfect parent for both you and your kids. Her words will change your perspective and help you guide your children without smothering them. It’s something we have to keep in check, because we’re moms. Our first instinct is to smother.

Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors  is a mom’s grace-filled, humorous, emotional memoir and far from a parenting advice book. In one wince-inducing instance, Jami recounts being confronted by a mom who expected just that. But the irony is that this book will still affect your parenting on a regular basis.

Jami gives the gift of perspective to the reader, in very sticky parenting situations as well as in her relationship with God. Go and pick up a copy for yourself or a mom who needs encouragement. You’ll be entertained and renewed at the same time.


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