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I’ve never followed a Bible reading plan for advent, and I figured it was about time! Christmas is coming, and this is my face.

Elf Meme that says I Love Christmas AND SNOW!

I’m so excited for everything the holiday season brings, from the tinsel to the carols. While my excitement is totally warranted, sometimes the pace and distractions mean I’m in danger of missing out on the holy, awe-inspiring miracle of Jesus’ birth.

One way I’m staying grounded in the true meaning of Christmas is with a Bible reading plan for advent. I created this just for the Cheered on Mom community.

Here’s the plan in list form, as well as in a printable you can grab right now for nada. 🙂 I’d love for you to join me!


pin image for a simple advent Bible reading plan- a picture of the manger


What’s the Ignatian Method?

Don’t be put off by how fancy this sounds. The name comes from a monk who encouraged readers to study the Bible using their imaginations to place themselves in the scene.

Here’s a quick summary of the Ignatian method, taken from an article on Bible Gateway.

The Ignatian method of Scripture engagement allows us to connect with Scripture personally. The idea is to place yourself in the biblical story, becoming a person in the crowd, a disciple or the boy with the loaves and fish. Imagine the sights, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes of this ancient world. …With the Ignatian method, you are no longer just reading a book, you are living a story.

So, finally, here’s my Bible reading plan for advent!


Close up photo of a manger filled with hay on a gray background | Bible reading plan for advent

A Simple Bible Reading Plan for Advent, 2018

Instructions for the Ignatian Method

  • On the day with the scripture listed, simply read through the passage.
  • On subsequent days, reread the same passage using the Ignatian method to imagine yourself as the person referenced.
  • Remember to incorporate how the scene would look, smell, sound, and feel. Think about the struggles and position in society each person had.

Sunday, Dec. 2 Luke 1:26-38

Monday: Mary

Tuesday: Gabriel

Wednesday, Dec. 5 Luke 1:39-45

Thursday: Mary

Friday: Elizabeth

Saturday, Dec. 8 Luke 1:46-56

Sunday: Mary

Monday: Elizabeth

Tuesday: Zechariah (overhearing)

Wednesday, Dec. 12 Luke 2:1-7

Thursday: Mary

Friday: Joseph

Saturday, Dec. 15 Luke 2:8-20

Sunday: shepherds

Monday: angel

Tuesday: Mary

Wednesday, Dec. 19 Luke 2: 21-35

Thursday: Simeon

Friday: Mary

Saturday: Joseph

Sunday, Dec. 23 Luke 2:36-40

Monday: Anna

Wednesday, Christmas Day, before opening presents: Luke 2:1-20


Grab the Advent Bible Reading Plan PDF

Make sure you grab the totally free Advent Bible Reading Plan PDF! Seriously, hit the button and you’ll get a free, pretty download with these verses listed to print out and tuck in your Bible or planner.


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I hope you enjoy putting Christ at the center of Christmas this year!

If you could use a little help creating a quiet time, I’d love to send my Quiet Time planner your way. Just tell me where to send it!


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