Grace for the Stressed Out Mom Who Lost Her Cool

Grace for the Stressed Out Mom Who Lost Her Cool

Hi, I’m a Stressed Out Mom of a Toddler

I might has well have that stamped on my forehead.

Fellow toddler moms, let me tell you a story involving a ramp. You know that where there’s a ramp and a toddler, all bets are off. There I was, walking with my mother-in-law and two kiddos past what I thought was a nondescript building on our way to meet my husband Ry and his dad.

It wasn’t too pleasant out, the kids had been rowdy, and everyone was hungry for lunch. I thought we’d walk the two blocks and come up with a plan that involved a club sandwich.

Grace for the Stressed Out Mom Who Lost Her Cool


But the ramp was there, calling to my two-year-old, beckoning her to ascend new heights before I could notice. So both of my kids were off on a magical game of chase, running in a loop, because–lo and behold–the ramp led to a set of stairs. They could follow the stairs down and find themselves back at the bottom of the ramp, and this is how the whole town heard me yell at my kids.

The circles wouldn’t stop! The children wouldn’t listen! The line for crinkle-cut fries was only getting longer!

So, moms, I want you to know the exact place I’m coming from when I share these thoughts. I don’t like to brag, but I’m no stranger to weakness. If you’ve ever felt guilty over yelling at your kids or other times you lost your cool, I get it.


Grace for the Stressed Out Mom Who Lost Her Cool


Stressed out Moms in Need of Grace

How to Recover from a Time You Lost Your Temper

1. Give Yourself Grace

It’s impossible to parent without fault. Kids have a natural talent for putting our weakness on display, and honestly, we should probably be thanking them for it.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV

Does reading that verse make anyone else feel a whole lot better? The only way to perfect God’s power is to reveal your weakness. Our parenting is made perfect when we’re resting in Him. If you’ve already messed up, grab on to grace and decide you’re going to see your kids and yourself through the lens of God’s astonishing forgiveness.

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2. Lay Down Your Burdens

I know from personal experience that it helps to lighten up spiritually as well as emotionally. Exchange your stress and burdens for a lighter load.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Matthew 11:29-30, NIV

Perspective is an amazing gift that’ll help you keep a lighter attitude toward the little things. God doesn’t want us to bear heavy burdens, so remember that Jesus is gentle and humble, and that’s the kind of weight we should be carrying.

Grace for the Stressed Out Mom Who Lost Her Cool


3. Don’t Assume You’re Being Judged

When your weakness is just plain out there, you’d probably like to find the nearest corn field to disappear into. (Sorry, Iowa native, Field of Dreams lover.) I’m extra prone to needless embarrassment, as well as committing both awkward foibles and mommy blunders out in the open, so trust my advice.

I’ll say it again- Please, don’t assume you’re being judged.

Other moms have been there before and are most likely completely sympathizing with you or are even impressed at how you’re handling yourself.

Even if it’s clear you’re screwing up, take a breath and remember this: Your heavenly Father is the only one who has an opinion that matters here.

And guess what? He gets you. He has compassion for you.

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4. Be On Your Way

Any Daniel Tiger moms out there? Remember “Flush, and Wash, and Be On Your Way”? This phrase comes from a little song about going potty that we’ve been singing around my house since the dawn of my kids’ potty training, roughly two years ago. And it’s random and weird, but it’s also kind of applicable here.

If you’ve just had a weakness-exposing moment, here’s how you can be on your way.

  1. Ask for forgiveness from your kids, God, and anyone else you may have hurt.
  2. Wash yourself in God’s grace and let his power rest on you.
  3. Shake of any shame and be on your way.

Sometimes I feel like being a godly mom is extremely difficult, when I’m looking at my flaws. Other times, it seems so simple to depend on God and be transformed by His spirit. I pray that you choose forgiveness and grace so that you can grow in your relationship with the Father. We all sin, mamas, and we all have a Rescuer.

So hold your head high. You’re a daughter of the King who is deeply loved and understood. Especially where ramps are involved.


For stressed out moms in need of grace, here are ways to recover after losing your cool with your children. These four steps will help you move on. #grace #stressed #momlife

17 thoughts on “Grace for the Stressed Out Mom Who Lost Her Cool”

  1. Laura, this is SO good!! I love your Daniel Tiger wisdom! 😉 Funny how God can use ANYTHING to teach us a spiritual truth!
    And you’re right— our kids have the best way of calling out our weaknesses. And although it may not “feel” good in the moment, it certainly is something we can learn and grow from, AND be thankful for! Gasp. 🙂
    I’m so glad I stopped in here today! (Hugs)

  2. This is me WAY too often! And my kids are 10 and 12! Your three steps in #4 were transformation for me. Asking my kids for forgiveness has brought SO much healing for us all! Thanks for these great insights! Blessings!

  3. We are all human and it’s OK to loose it sometimes. The other day I told my kids we should have a screaming contest just because I needed to scream and let off some steam. It’s ok. They actually had fun and I felt a bit better and was able to regroup. Rachel from

    1. Wow, a screaming contest sounds like a good way to blow off some steam! I think my daughter might win that one–she’s always had a special talent for screaming. Thanks so much for dropping by, Rachel!

  4. My people are bigger now, but that seems to only increase the likelihood of an audience to my flaws and faults – and children with much more long term memory and recall. Thanks for this great perspective. I wish that I could tell you it gets better. LOL! It gets different for sure, but the window revealing our need for Jesus seems to only grow as the kids do.

    1. I bet it does. I know that parenting older ones has its own set of challenges, and right now I should be thankful that they’re running in circles around me. 🙂 So thankful for God’s grace through motherhood.

      1. I’m glad his grace isn’t seasonal! I wrote a post recently entitled “Motherhood is seasonal” – and I really do think there are joys and challenges and struggles that are unique to each season, but God’s grace is necessary and consistent and without season – and I love that!

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