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The day has finally arrived to announce to you all that I’m changing my blog name. I have a few butterflies right now, but I bet you have a few questions. Here’s the story of the change (known as rebranding) and why I made the decision.

Why I Changed my Blog's Name


Why I Changed the Blog’s Name

This name change has been a long time coming! Soon after I started Fantastically Four, I began writing about the challenges I faced as a mom and how God saw me through them. My faith was clearly the foundation of the blog, and those posts that focused more on inspiration and encouragement for moms are the ones everyone loved the most–including me!

I didn’t see the need to change my blog’s name and focus until a few things happened at the same time.

  • First, my friend Erica Despain referred to Fantastically Four as a faith blog. She was absolutely right, of course!
  • Second, Elna Cain mentioned that readers have an easier time connecting to blogs that are focused on one niche. I knew this was absolutely true, especially for smaller bloggers.
  • Third, once I started toying with the idea and praying, I felt encouraged to do it.
  • Fourth, I took a good look at the results from a reader survey I sent out through my newsletter, and the feedback I saw there was unanimous: faith-based posts is what you’re looking for and what you love the most from my blog.


Why I Changed my Blog's Name

What You’ll Find at Cheered on Mom

So, as you can see, Fantastically Four is now Cheered On Mom! I’m so excited to focus on encouraging you and sharing Christian inspiration each week. I don’t think you’ll notice much change except for the new url,, and fewer general lifestyle posts.

Here are the kinds of topics you’ll see more often:

When God made me, he created a writer who loves to encourage others. That’s why Cheered on Mom is a place for you to receive encouragement, Christian inspiration, and lots of grace. I’m over here behind this computer screen cheering you on!


So, what do you think of the new name? Are you as excited as I am?? Do let me know! And if you’re a blogger who’s curious about the rebranding process, shoot me an email at cheeredonmom(at)gmail(dot)com.

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18 Comments on Fantastically Four is now Cheered on Mom

  1. I love it! I think you made a great decision! And every mom needs to be “cheered on” and reminded that in Christ – she’s got this! Blessings on your ministry efforts here.

  2. Laura! I love the name! It’s inspirational, positive and makes me interested in learning more about you and your blog!

  3. I think your name change is a wonderful thing. It indicates more what your blog is about. And we do keep hearing about how niche is everything. 🙂 I pray that your reach will touch many hearts as they grow in faith and parenthood.

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