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My grandma always encouraged me to sing. Ever since she saw me perform a solo at my high school’s variety show, she’d prod me gently any chance she could get.

I’m not a performer and hate to be in the spotlight, and she knew it. She also knew that I wouldn’t respond well to pressure, so she never got pushy. When I recorded a Christmas CD for family and friends, she played it on repeat every December, and sometimes even when it wasn’t seasonally appropriate (gasp!). She’d ask me how my singing was coming often.


Leaving Your Mom Legacy

My grandma’s strong faith in God was the foundation of her life. It was her legacy, and she passed it on to her kids, who passed it on to theirs. She was a wonderful role model who lived by example.

My friend Kristina, who blogs at Messy Tired Love, is another one of those women who knows how to gently encourage a mother’s heart. She’s written a devotional called Leaving Your Mom Legacy, and I’m so glad she did!


Leaving Your Mom Legacy: Book Review and Giveaway

This 30-day devotional is inspiring, convicting, and completely grace-filled. Kristina begins our 30 days together with a look at several moms of the Bible (great minds think alike!) and ends them with a call to intentional, compassionate parenting by examining other powerful scriptures. I love how each day is written with scripture often included in the text of the book, followed up by a Daily Reflection.

Kristina’s a mom and she’s very easy to relate to. Take my favorite quote, for example.

As funny as it sounds, it couldn’t be more true: our legacy with our children is strengthened in even the grossest of moments.

Leaving Your Mom Legacy is perfectly named. Each day had me considering what I’m doing now and what I can do to pass along my faith and values to my kids. It’s so easy to lose perspective and Kristina’s thoughts had me looking beyond the day-to-day so that I can parent my kids for their future.

My absolute favorite section of the book was part 2, the last 14 days of the devotional. I loved reading a bit more about Kristina’s parenting struggles, and the Bible verses she shared felt new each time she shared them (possibly in part because she quotes from The Message translation often). It was easy to see Kristina’s heart for other moms, as she filled the pages with wisdom and grace from her experiences.

Be a mom that clings to what is right. Teach your children to do the same. Be the woman that everyone knows will do the right thing, even when it isn’t the popular decision.


My Grandma’s Legacy

It just so happens that while I was reading this book, my grandma passed away. She was the only grandma I ever knew (my dad’s mother passed away before I was born), and she was so good at many things, but leaving a legacy was at the top of the list.

On the notes for the funeral service she had planned for in advance, she’d penciled me in for a solo with the option to turn it down if I wasn’t up for it. It didn’t take much thought for me to agree.

I’m so grateful for my grandma and the legacy she left us all. In fact, I can very much agree with the song she requested, the very same one I performed at my high school concert: It Is Well With My Soul.

I hope that I can leave a similar mark on my family, and I’m so thankful for my grandma’s influence. Kristina’s book came at the perfect time!

Enter the Leaving Your Mom Legacy Giveaway

I think you’re gonna love the prizes in this little giveaway, and I really want you to have the chance to win! Here’s what’s included…

Go right here to enter the giveaway.

Also remember to go check out Kristina’s book, Leaving Your Mom Legacy, on Amazon. I pray you’re encouraged each and every day as you parent your kids. You’re doing great, moms, even when life is messy and parenting is tough!


I loved this 30-day devotional that helped me consider the legacy I'm leaving behind for my kids someday.I loved this 30-day devotional that helped me consider the legacy I'm leaving behind for my kids someday.

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4 Comments on Devotional Review and GIVEAWAY: Leaving Your Mom Legacy

  1. I’m humbled that God uses this devotional in your life during such an important time. Thank you for sharing your story and being such a light in the lives of those you touch. ❤️

  2. I’m glad your grandma was able find that balance of encouragement that you needed! Not everyone can. Leaving a legacy like that is a blessing!

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