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How to Face Your Child’s First Day of Kindergarten

My first baby, who is really a five-year-old, is going to Kindergarten this week. I’m so not ready for this moment. As a mom who hasn’t been there before, I decided to gather my best tips for moms on the first day of kindergarten. Our kids aren’t the only ones with jitters!

Here are the strategies I’ve considered employing.

How to Keep Your Child from Going to Kindergarten

  1. Disable all modes of transportation. The cars are in the shop, it’s raining/going to rain, bicycles and scooters have been loaned to neighbor kids, etc.
  2. Fake a school-supply robbery. You wake up to find that some degenerate has taken the backpack, lunchbox, new shoes, crayons and scissors in the night. This thief has probably already sold them on the black market.
  3. Use your arms. This is where all that baby-lifting is finally going to pay off! Those mama’s muscles are stronger than any five-year-old’s, I guarantee it.
  4. All teachers are having a sick day. Sounds like the bird flu is hitting early this year, and you’ll have to keep the kids home at any cost! Health is important.

They sounded pretty good at the time.

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*Actual* Tips for Moms on the First Day of Kindergarten

In hindsight, these ideas aren’t completely, well, sane. And perhaps moms like me would do better to come to terms with the fact that Kindergarten is coming, whether we’re ready or not. *sigh*

My slightly more mentally healthy plan to send my son off to Kindergarten includes the following.

  1. Turn to scripture. God’s word is full of reassurance when it comes to all types of fears and uncertainty. I absolutely love these verses on God’s guidance.
  2. Pray. Of course, you’re going to cover that kid in prayer, but remember yourself and the whole family as well.
  3. Be brave. I really think that God made moms brave enough for every situation. With His help, we can have peace and joy on behalf of our kids.
  4. Be real. I’m pretty good at denial, so I need reminders to find time to let things sink in and allow myself to feel all those gushy feelings.
  5. Be positive. Focus on the good this will bring your kiddo—new friends, new skills, and gained confidence.

So this is my new plan. I’ll bravely walk my child to his school room. And then I’ll shed a few tears in the privacy of my own home, hopefully while my two-year-old is occupied.

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A Peaceful Heart on Your Child’s First Day of School

This day isn’t coming as a surprise, but the feelings might be. If you’re a post-Kindergarten mom, maybe you know what I mean.

Worries about how our kids will handle being away from home, whether they will find friends, and if the teachers will treat him like the most amazing kids in the world (which they are) are filling our minds. But we moms might also be worried about our less-full nests.

I know the odd feeling of a quieter house during those school hours. My two-year-old will miss him, and I will too.

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These are legitimate concerns, but they can be surrendered to God. He’s able to handle all of our hopes as well as our fears, and He’s watching out for our kids like a true Heavenly Father.

Let’s remember all the times when God’s seen us through big moments. Happily, I have experience under my belt — like my own first day of Kindergarten (rumor has it I cheerily said “BYE!” to my mom). Kai will have those experiences soon, too.

I know this: My son will have a great first day of Kindergarten, and even if he doesn’t, God will make something good come from it. (Romans 8:28)

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Moms, our babies are growing up, quickly but surely. God understands all of our mixed emotions as we watch them become more independent and enter new stages. He’s been a parent for a long time.

He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.

Isaiah 40:11, NIV

That’s why He’s so gracious toward us, and soon we’ll be praising Him for a great first day of school.

Moms, I’d love for you to weigh in. Do you have first day of school jitters? If you’ve done this before, how did God see you through your child’s first day of Kindergarten?

9 thoughts on “How to Face Your Child’s First Day of Kindergarten”

  1. This was really good! I have a 3 year old who will be starting full day preK this year… so I can relate to the feelings of first day jitters… this was such a timely article for me! Thank you!!!

  2. This was such a great post! Your first couple of tips are downright hilarious! I remember when my oldest duaghter first went to school, it was so hard, I think I cried more than she did!

  3. Ha. I really enjoyed your how NOT to list. There have been many times in the lives of my children that I’d like to have used that list: first day of camp, first day of college, etc. But thankfully we can utilize your second list much more effectively. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, and I pray it will go well on that first day!

  4. This made me laugh :). My ‘baby’ will start her first day of TEACHING in two weeks. I’m feeling all the same feels. And your advice is just as good for older babies and their firsts!

  5. Erica | Whimsical September blog

    Oh, I love this. I love your light-hearted humor and intro to this topic that is so heavy for so many. I also love the affirmation that he will do well, he will be loved, etc. Fabulous post as usual. I hope every Kinder mom reads it. Thinking of and praying for your family this week as you start this venture! ❤

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