Friday Check-In: Storms and Matcha Tea

Today I’m doing a quick Friday check-in (it’s not a thing) because it’s been too long and I won’t be deterred by all the things conspiring against me! #bloggingaddict

One of those things was a tornado outbreak in our area and other parts of the state yesterday. Our town wasn’t hit, but the kids and I did have a picnic in our (unfinished) basement. Good times!

We only had to clear a few branches from our yard, but lots of Iowans are dealing with completely destroyed property, damaged cars, and loss of crops too. I’m counting it a miracle that people were protected and no lives were lost.


Kai’s been having an amazing summer. He loves to swim now!

He and daddy built a birdhouse together.

He’s been a great big brother to Sylvie. Here he is helping her have fun at her first checkup with the eye doctor.

Speaking of daddy, Ry has been adding to our home’s curb appeal lately by building flower boxes for the windows. They’re so pretty! (Note: flowers are improving!)


Sylvie has been having a pretty great summer too!

She knows how to enjoy the season, that’s for sure. And she’s a great mama to her Bitty Baby. 🙂

Also, I had a birthday!

I’m going to be enjoying the last year of my 30s by baking anything my heart desires with the kids, and I can’t wait. I’d just been telling Ry how I have more time for this now that our littlest is two. Oh, so why will I be baking?

My family went in together on a KitchenAid stand mixer for me. It is beautiful!

I promise I’m not cutting off my son’s finger here.
sooo pretty!

Lately, I’m pretty tired but doing well otherwise. When I want to perk up and I’ve already had my morning cup of coffee, I’ve been reaching for this organic matcha tea with almond milk. YUM.

I’m going to get back to #allthethings now, and I’ll see you with a post about potty training hacks on Monday!

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