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Moms, I get it. You’re busy, looking for a bit of cheer, inspiration, or some great ideas for rocking mom life. So what is this weird blog post, you ask? It’s something I had to share, because I want to take tip ins from crafter lingo to everyday vocab for moms, right along with “Be gentle!” and “What am I making for dinner?”

The Surprising Truth: Tip Ins Are for Everyone

You don’t have to be a confident crafter or an artistic type to enjoy using a tip-in now and then. They’re the easiest, simplest way to personalize any book you own and turn it into a keepsake.

And even though I write a lot to fellow moms, they are truly for everyone. If you’re short on time, tip-ins are going to be your best friend. Pretty soon you’ll feel confident about creating and enjoying these awesome additions to your favorite books.

What is a tip-in and how do I use it? They aren't just for crafters, they're for everyone, and they are super easy! Enjoy this complete guide to tip-ins and how they can make a big impact on journaling or creating a keepsake from your favorite book! #tipins #guide


What is a Tip In and How Do I Use It?

Definition: Tip-ins are pieces of paper that are inserted, or in our case, taped in to a book.

If that doesn’t sound revolutionary, you’re right–tip-ins aren’t exactly a new idea. But two things are making them exciting right now–washi tape (I’ll get to that in a minute) and art journaling.

Use Tip Ins in Journaling

Think about your favorite books that you’d love to personalize a bit. Here are some ideas:

  • Your Bible
  • A notebook
  • Your journal
  • A cookbook
  • A photobook
  • Your planner
  • An old hymnal
  • A copy of your favorite novel

Journaling makes them all personal, beautiful, customized, and meaningful. It’s hard not to fall in love with that idea, isn’t it?


Bible Journaling Tip In Supplies

1. Pretty pieces of paper

The sky is the limit here. Do you have a birth announcement you’d love to see in your Bible? Maybe you’ve found a few scripture card printables you’d like to put to use. Do you have a special note from one of your kids? What about a pretty print or a postcard from a friend?

If it’s paper, it can go in one of your books. So get creative and think about what you’d like to see in your keepsake.

2. Washi tape

Oh, the wonderful world of washi! It’s everywhere you look these days. Washi tape was invented in 2006 and combines masking tape with beautiful Japanese paper. It’s awesome because it…

  • is pretty
  • can be torn in any direction easily
  • can be re-positioned easily
  • doesn’t damage surfaces or leave a sticky reside behind
  • turns anything into a post-it note
  • decorates any object or book (without a permanent commitment)

For such a versatile crafting tool, I think washi is affordable. But here’s my advice: Don’t spend more than $1.50 per roll (most rolls are 10 meters long), especially as you’re getting started.

These are my favorite sets at a great price on amazon! Aren’t they gorgeous?

3. Your favorite book (Bible, planner, etc.)

You’ll need a book, obviously, that’s important to you and worth decorating. Did you pick one from the list above? Grab it! I’m referring a lot to Bible journaling tip ins because so many of you have asked me about it.


Make Your Bible Journaling Tip In

Create a Hinge

Step 1:

Decide on the placement of the paper, and the direction of the flip.

I’m adding the my strength and shield tip-in to the margin of my journaling Bible. I chose a vertical flip because it fit nicely on the page.

Bible Journaling TIp In. "My Strength and Shield".

Step 2:

Grab some great washi! Cut or tear off a small piece, placing half of it on your card and the other half on the book so it’ll flip in the direction you want it to go.

Bible Journaling TIp In | Step 2: make the flip!


Step 3:

Flip the card over. Add another piece of washi, lined up with the first piece. Here’s what that looks like.

Bible Journaling TIp In | Create a hinge with tape on the reverse side of the tip-in

That’s it!


Advanced Tip-Ins

Sometimes I crack myself up. Tip-ins don’t really get “advanced” but there are ways to be extra creative with them. How about a tip-in on a tip-in? Why, yes, you can do that!

Bible Journaling TIp In | Advanced

See how the little paper with the heart on it is taped in to the back of the “my shield and strength” tip-in? These are so much fun because they add more interaction, color, creativity, and information.

Open up this tip-in, and I could write the tiniest book ever written, for example. I could list dates that tell a story of when God was my strength and shield. Are you inspired yet?


Grab my favorite Bible journaling tip ins and get started!

Okay, I might be biased, but I love the tip-ins I created.

The first is a set of 12 Bible verses that are designed to encourage you to enjoy memorizing scripture. I used watercolor designs and script fonts that I think you’ll love. (They’ve been key to achieving my memorization goals!)

The second set is a beautiful group of 12 biblical tip-ins. These colorful words have brightened up my Bible, big time! They’re my latest printable and they’re ready to decorate your Bible or journals. Here’s a preview:

Please visit the shop to buy these Bible journaling tip ins!

Tip ins are my favorite way to make a big impact with very little effort. They’re perfect for beginners in Bible journaling and any other paper medium, too. I hope you feel confident and ready to enjoy tip ins!


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  1. LOVE this!!! I have been wanting to try this as I get started doing more Bible journaling! It is helpful to not have to write on the page sometimes as well! Thank you!

    Thank you for linking up @LiveLifeWell



  2. I had no clue what a tip-in was. I see people bible journaling, but I never knew any of the lingo. Lol! Your creations are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this simple way of adding some decoration with us at #LiveLifeWell.

  3. This is great for somebody who is afraid to actually put pen or paint to the pages of their Bible! How creative!! Blessings!

  4. I have not ever heard of this and yet, this post made me smile. I realized I have used tip-ins probably long before the term was coined only in the form of index cards. My bibles are full of them, with Scriptures written on them and dated. Yours are just beautiful!

  5. I probably live under a rock somewhere (or with twin toddlers, lol), but I’ve never heard of this! What a pretty and creative idea – one that probably even I can handle! Thanks for sharing, Laura! 🙂

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