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SUMMERTIME, summertime, SUM-SUM-Summertime!

Anybody else singing that annoying song? Well, you are now, aren’t you?

I’m so excited for summer. Our littlest is two now, and it feels like there are a lot more seasonal possibilities for us as a family. This year is going to be full of summer fun.

Our Summer Bucket List


This just might be our year to try watching fireworks as a family! Bring on the fourth of July!


Small Town Events

There is so much going on in our town and the surrounding ones over the summer. I’m talking concerts in the square, art festivals, parades, and more. We’d like to take advantage of a few of those this summer!

sweet corn in our town square, 2015


The County Fair

Our county fair is huge, incredibly fun, and a few blocks away from our house. Winning!

The only picture I could find was one from 2015. My kindergartner was two! I want to reach right into this photo and scoop him up.


The State Fair

I hate to break this to you, but Iowa has the best state fair in the country. Our family of four goes every year, come crazy weather or acid reflux. I think this year is going to be epic…again, our youngest isn’t so little anymore!

Favorites: Iowa State Fair


Home Improvement

Oh, we’ve got quite the list of what we’d like to update inside and outside our home. We’re tackling one project at a time and we can already cross one off of our list!

Hooray for river rock!

I’m also hoping to finish my little grout staining project that I started (ahem) more than a year ago.


Date Night Weekend Out

Ry and I are going to enjoy a fancy weekend in Des Moines this summer, sans kids. I can’t wait!



Kai will be taking swimming lessons this year, and I’m eager to get our family to the pool. Ry has always been a “fish” and was certified as a lifeguard. He’s an East-coast beach lover, but for now, we’ll be having fun in the pool. #almostanocean #notreally



Nerf Gun Wars

I’m pretty sure my family has plans for Nerf dart-gun wars when my older sister and her clan visits. My son will be prepared.


Summer Foods on the Go

Ice cream, Popsicles, fresh fruits, lemonade, funnel cakes, food on-a-stick at the fair, and popcorn chicken are on the list this year!


Outdoor Fun

My husband loves the outdoors, and this time of year he’s fishing, kayaking, target practicing, four-wheeling, and more. A few of those we do together, and Kai already caught his first fish of the year.

Hooray for enjoying some summer fun! What are you up to this summer?

Here's what we're filling our summer calendar with this year! Everything from fairs to staining the grout, these 10 categories will probably inspire your bucket list too. #bucketlist #summer

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