Spring Bucket List Check-In

I truly didn’t know that Spring would be a busy season for me as a mom until Kai’s last year of preschool. Oh, how naive I was. Looking back, we packed this Spring with all kinds of appointments and meetings (plus minor surgery) in addition to the super fun stuff. Let’s take a look at the super fun stuff, shall we?

It’s time to face the music and check in! Here’s how we did on our Spring Bucket List.

A Trip to the Zoo

Kai wrapped up his preschool career with a trip to the zoo! I packed up for an hour-long drive with both kids and took off for a fun time with his school friends. They had a great time, and it went smoothly. *mom win*

This was seriously the best picture I got at the zoo #momfail



This was our first Easter experience as a family of four that we enjoyed without sickness. Hallelujah! Ry’s parents were visiting, making it even more of a celebration. It was so wonderful!

Our family (best out of a billion)


Spring Vacation

We took a little trip to Kansas City and had an absolute blast! I’ve been looking forward to this since January and it was even better than I thought it would be. We fell in love with Kansas City and everything it has to offer little ones.



We celebrated Kai’s 5th birthday, Ry’s 40th, as well as my older sister’s and my mom’s. #apriliscrazy #inagoodway


School Registration

We experienced quite the decision paralysis about Kai’s elementary education. It lasted for three years and ended this Spring when we chose the local private Christian school.

This was an extremely tough decision for us, but so worth the prayers and waiting! If you’re facing the same issue, I promise there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Remember there is no pressure to choose the “perfect” option, keep praying, and God will guide you.

Kai’s last day of pre-k


First Ice Cream

Oh my word. We’ve been enjoying so much ice cream already!


First Puddle Splashing

There were some perfect rainstorms in the last week to cool us down during our 100°+ heat wave. We had to take advantage, Peppa Pig style! (So glad she always specifies you “must wear your rainboots” to go splashing in muddy puddles.)


Fly a Kite

Oops! This is the one thing we didn’t do this Spring! We’ll have to see if we can fit it in this summer or fall.

I didn’t set the bar too high for this list, and I’m so glad that I didn’t! We were so busy that I was thankful we could fit in a few of the springtime basics this year. I hope you had a wonderful Spring!

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