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This weekend, Ry and I did a lot of landscaping, and as a result, my kids did a LOT of digging in the dirt. Their clothes were black with mud, and I was exhausted. Thankfully, a light went on and I took them to the backyard, turned on our water pump, and gave them mini showers before my worst visions of a mud-coated house came true.

Fellow moms, believe me when I say that messes are not easy for me. I have to fight the idea that my house and kids should be clean and tidy, so that I don’t walk around miserable and disappointed constantly…

Because it’s often a joyful, chaotic disaster.


5 Reasons to Let Your Kids Make Messes

I’m taking deep breaths and reminding myself it’s actually a good thing for my kids to make a mess. I’m determined to look on the bright side and pretend I love the sandbox.

Sometimes we all need reminders to allow those kiddos to go a little crazy and make a mess. Here are my top five reasons why it’s great to let your kids get messy.


1. It Lets Them Be Little

Kids need to enjoy their age, and making a mess on purpose is a great way for them to love being little! It’s truly so easy to forget that our kids need to be kids. I want them to love their childhood, and to embrace this season before it’s over!


2. It teaches them about life balance.

Making mom-approved messes is actually a wonderful way for kids to learn that there’s a time and place to let loose.

My kids know that they aren’t always allowed to jump in muddy puddles or use the sandbox. We don’t do that before going to church, or when we need to run an errand, or when the heat index is crazy high.

Having some messy fun is the perfect opportunity for kiddos to learn about balance.


3. It Creates Great Memories

It’s the messes I was allowed to make that really stand out when I think about playing with my friends as a little girl. Once, we got to play in shaving cream! I was constantly making mud pies with my friends, too. My older sister and I regularly made our parents disgusting creations in the kitchen (lettuce, grapes, and crackers floating in a bowl of water!).

Sometimes I don’t know what my parents were thinking, but mostly I’m glad they allowed us to make messes. I know my kids will always remember their favorite messes, too.


4. It Gets Their Energy Out Like Nothing Else

Us mamas know that it’s so important for kids to be active and enjoy life. That being said, I’m just your average mom who loves it when my kids sleep well.

Messy play is kind of special because it adds an element of joy and releases all the happy feelings for your kids. Even if the playtime is stationary, it will be a time of mental engagement for your kids. Sweet, sweet nighttime will be a snap.


5. It teaches them responsibility when it’s time to clean up.

Your kids will easily grasp the cause-and-effect happening when they make a mess and a bath needs to follow. I’m not saying they have to slave away after messy play, but they’ll connect the dots and learn that making a mess is worth the (necessary) clean-up.


Moms, I completely get the struggle with ruined clothes, muddy floors, and feeling like the cleaning is endless. Remember, there are positives to the mess you’re experiencing right now, and your kids will appreciate you for allowing messes! Hang in there, and if necessary, turn on the water pump before you go inside.


I hate a messy house, but I love my kids. Moms, sometimes we need to be reminded that there are great reasons to let your kids make messes. Here are my top five!

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