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Hooray for Friday Favorites! This week was another jam-packed, fun, lazy summer time for us as a family. We jumped in muddy puddles (there are a LOT of those lately–pray against flooding!) and ate more popsicles whenever the sun came out. Here’s what I’m loving this week!


Bible Journaling

This week I turned on some worship music and put a paintbrush to my Bible for the first time. It turned out to be so much fun!

Bible Journaling Page | Fantastically Four | Friday Favorites


I like to talk about simple ways people can start getting creative in the Bible, so if this intimidates you, don’t worry! Stick around, because I’m going to share some tips for easy-peasy Bible journaling next week.

And in the meantime, catch my guide to tip-ins. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that post is for you!



This Swimsuit

If you don’t have a bathing suit for the season yet, HAVE I GOT THE SUIT FOR YOU. Listen, I’m in a small town and I can’t pop over to a Target or mall to spend hours torturing myself with trying on suits. That being said, I thought I was crazy to order one online.

Turns out I was genius instead!

The reviews had me convinced that this one was a trendy-modest-sexy-pretty confidence-boosting one-piece that would make everything I touch turn to gold.

Swim Suit for Women - Universally Flattering - My Fave from Amazon!

It was all true except that last part. It’s made by Tempt Me, it comes in SIX other patterns/colors, and it’s definitely worth the crazy low price tag. Take a look!



Potty Training My 2-Year-Old

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but potty training my daughter has actually been kind of fun. I apologize to moms out there in the thick of a difficult potty training time. Let’s just say I know what you’re going through. Oh, do I know.


This time around? It’s been a breeze. Thank you, sweet Lord above!



Self Tanner

The first time I visited my doctor, he dictated notes during the visit. I laughed out loud when he said I was “pale in appearance.” It’s sort of an understatement. I am a pale person to begin with, but I have vitiligo–the pigment disease that Winnie Harlow is rocking–and I have very little pigment left.

I have nothing against paleness, but I love a natural, glowy, believable tan in the summer. Here’s what I’m using for that.

It’s good, ladies. It doesn’t smell, doesn’t streak, and it’s just super easy. I’ve been using it for more than a year now, and all I can say is it’s a big win for this pale girl.



Freebie of the Week

I think you’re going to love this week’s freebie. Lil of Embracing the Lovely is an incredible artist and encourager.

She’s sharing a free printable called Lovely Day to help you enjoy your days as you communicate with God and others. Everything Lil does is, well, lovely, and this is no exception!


Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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10 Comments on Friday Favorites: Painting and Potty Training

  1. Okay, your description of the swimsuit has me LOLing!! I have a link pulled up now to check it out. It’s so beautiful!! Glad potty training has been fun!! It’s been fine with Sadie except for #2s, but otherwise it’s been easier than with Hadley. Hope you’ve had a good week, friend!

  2. Your bible came out so pretty! That swimsuit is so cute. It’s always trial and error ordering online but I’m glad it worked out. Sierra Beautifully Candid

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