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Welcome to the Mom Life Series, a collaboration between five bloggers who write to inspire and encourage moms. Today’s post is written by my friend Lisa over at The Merry Momma. Here’s what God laid on her heart to share with moms. Please read, follow the link, and be inspired!
Mom Life Series by Cheered on Mom, Denise Renae, The Merry Momma, Messy Tired Love, and Life in Lape Haven

Ted Tripp, Kevin Leman, James Dobson, Sally Clarkson … These are all people I’ve read and respected for their Godly wisdom on parenting. Motherhood is a tremendous responsibility, and I seek all the advice I can get, especially from those who have gone (and succeeded) before me.

But even the so-called “experts” aren’t perfect. They are human, they are fallible, and they don’t always espouse my beliefs or convictions on certain issues. That’s the thing about blindly following human speakers or authors — they aren’t God. And their word isn’t supposed to be mistaken for His.

But there is someone who is God, and His example can be followed completely and confidently.

That someone is Jesus, and while his humanity makes him perfectly relatable, His deity makes Him perfectly reliable. Of anyone who has ever walked or will ever walk the earth, He is our ideal example in every area of life. And though He was never a mother, there are lessons from his earthly ministry that can be applied to motherhood.

The following five lessons are the greatest I could ever learn from any parenting expert.

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