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The Story Behind the Verse of the Month

Last year, I decided it would be great to memorize some scripture. Guess how I did? Not so great. After only memorizing one verse during the year, I finally stopped the madness. I dug deep and found my motivation. It turns out that if it’s pretty, I’m going to be sooo much more inspired! (see Bible journaling and planning)

I created 12 scripture cards and shared them in my shop so we can memorize a verse every month together. They have had a major impact on enjoying the process and staying disciplined to write God’s word on my heart. Join me in June for this verse!

Why does God cover me in feathers? Psalm 91:4

June’s Verse of the Month

Psalms 91:4

I thought this verse would be fitting for Spring, and now that June is hitting, I think it’s the perfect verse to capture the season before it truly ends. (Oh Spring, I will miss you!) I love the fresh new life this time of year brings, the way my kids would shout when they saw green leaves appearing on the trees, and the colorful blooms everywhere. My parents even have a mama thrush guarding her nest on the lilac bush that borders their back patio.

This month’s verse is extra special for me. It’s one of my favorite verses in the world, yet I’d never truly memorized it. I’d like to unpack some of my love for this verse with a quick look at what it means to me.

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What does it mean for God to shelter us with feathers and wings?

It’s an absolutely beautiful metaphor, but I think it’s a lot more powerful than it first appears. Psamls 91:4 is packed with beautiful characteristics of God.

Birds are the only animals in God’s creation to bear feathers. They are unique, and their feathers do amazing things. Here are a few common purposes that feathers serve:

  • Protection from the elements. Feathers guard against strong wind, sun, rain, and water. When babies have only down instead of feathers, moms use their wings as an umbrella to cover them in the rain.
  • They keep the birds warm. Under a layer of visible feathers is where the soft down feathers lay to keep birds (and a lot of times, humans) perfectly cozy in cooler climates.
  • They help water birds float. Water-loving birds are able to float because of the air trapped within their feathers.
  • Many birds use their tail feathers for balance and support when on the ground. 
  • They help create a soft, warm nest. The inside of a nest is usually filled with the mama bird’s feathers to cradle the little ones

Verse of the Month for June

There are at least 18 more things that feathers can do, but these stood out to me. Looking at that list, here are things God is doing for us when he covers us in His feathers:

  • He protects us from outside influences and sin.
  • He comforts us when we’re in a harsh environment.
  • He rescues us from sinking into sorrow and shame.
  • He keeps us steady when we aren’t flying.
  • He surrounds us with love and safety.

Not only that, but just like the psalmist writes, wings can be used to protect a mother bird’s young ones.

I’m not one to look at cute animal pictures in my free time, but MAYBE I SHOULD BE. This collection of mother birds taking care of their little ones holds extra meaning for me in light of this verse.

I hope you’re blessed by God’s care for you today! I’d love for you to join me in memorizing a verse every month. If you haven’t already, take a look at the scripture cards and follow along!

Psalms 91:4 is one of my favorite all-time scriptures, but what does it mean? Let's talk about the characteristics of God hiding in this verse. #verse  #feathers #spiritual #christian #bible #inspiration

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10 Comments on Covered with Feathers: June’s Verse of the Month

  1. Laura, I’ve always liked the image of God protecting us with His wings, but I guess I never thought much about the feathers part. I really enjoyed reading this today! 🙂

  2. On my walk this morning I found an unusual feather and brought it home. Now that I’ve read your post its even more special. Thank you!

  3. Another vote for Psalm 91. It’s been my go to passage for years. Thanks and blessings for unpacking v. 4, and making it even richer.

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