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Hooray for Friday Favorites! This week I’m sharing my latest favorite entertainment. Summer isn’t the time to over-think things, ladies, and I’m officially NOT. 🙂 Ry and I are about to take a little weekend getaway (more details next week!) so I’m keeping this short and fun-filled.


Actually Reading a Book (Act Two by Kimberly Stuart)

I read a lot of books last year. This year? Not so much. When I had time for a hobby, I was focused on Bible journaling or blogging, plus there was all kinds of craziness in our lives. Now that it’s summer I decided to READ a bit. For fun.

So this isn’t going to be some sort of fancy review, but my mom loaned me this sweet Christian romance and I loved it.

Love this Christian romance!


New Yorker Sadie Maddox is the toast of the classical-music world—and a bit of a diva. But lately her CD sales are sagging, not to mention parts of her anatomy. Maybe it’s time for a change. So when her agent suggests a professorship at a small liberal-arts college, Sadie decides to give it a go. Besides, she needs the money. But the college is in rural Iowa. Sadie’s colleagues are intimidated, her students aren’t impressed, and she has to live far too close to farm animals.

I used to study vocal performance and I’m an Iowan, so it struck a chord. (Too obvious?) If you’re looking to kick back with a humorous fish-out-of-water story, grab Act Two! My mom and I both agree we’d like to read Act Three.




You guys, Timeless is my favorite new TV binge-watching discovery.

When a group with nefarious intentions attempts to change the world as we know it by altering the past, Lucy, a historian, Wyatt, a soldier, and Rufus, a scientist, unite to form an unlikely partnership, traveling through time to save history.

Timeless has the perfect mix of history, humor, drama, action, plot twists, and romance. IT HAS IT ALL and I’m addicted!

Ry and I loved the first few episodes and ended up buying seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime. I think season 3 just wrapped up on TV (no spoilers please!). If you’ve seen Timeless, tell me what you thought. If not, go try out a few episodes.



Rend Collective

I’ve been listening to Rend Collective on Spotify nonstop. I’m always in the mood for it!



Summer Vacation Fails

Did you guys see the latest Hashtags segment from the Tonight Show? If you missed it, these summer vacation fails are priceless.



Freebie of the Week

This week I’m sharing one of my favorite freebies ever, a free course by Jami Balmet called Finding Joy in Your Home. I devoured this free course two years ago, and it changed my outlook and my life as a stay-at-home mom. Really, it’s that good!

A little birdie told me that Jami’s hosting an awesome giveaway soon to gear up for her 2018 Homemaking Ministries Online Conference. I’ll keep you posted.

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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