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Welcome to the Mom Life Series, a collaboration between five bloggers who write to inspire and encourage moms. Today’s post is written by my friend Kristina over at Messy Tired Love. Here’s what God laid on her heart to share with moms. Please read, follow the link, and be inspired!
Mom Life Series by Fantastically Four, Denise Renae, The Merry Momma, Messy Tired Love, and Life in Lape Haven

We all need help as a momma. We’re tired. We work hard for our family. We need hope and encouragement from the people who have been deep in the motherhood trenches before us. That’s why parenting books, blogs, and forums are so popular. We NEED each other. We need to know it’s not just us going through the tough stuff.

But I’m here to meet you with a 30-day challenge: STOP READING PARENTING BOOKS.

Yes, I’m actually telling you to take all parenting books off of your nightstand for 30 days. All of them except one. Out of the hundreds of thousands of parenting books ever written, there is one that trumps them all and meets all of our motherhood needs: The Bible.

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