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We all experience them. But what’s the worst mom fail you’ve ever had? I hope you’re creating a safe place for me in your mind from across the internet, because I’m about to share mine.

Just so we’re clear, I have lots of mini mom fails every single day. #letsbereal But I decided to share a Big Ol’ Fail for you today so that we really feel like we get to know each other.

Before you grab a front-row seat, here’s what my list of mom fail options to share with you looked like.

  • almost fire
  • actual fire
  • no kids camp
  • late on first day of school
  • moon sand
  • mall blow out
  • pre-k parking lot accident
  • fourth-of-july fails
  • library books and wrong story time
  • vomit curve

That’s just a taste of the rejects for you.

My Food-Related Mom Fail

For this little story, we have to go back to when I discovered how delicious and healthy mangoes are. I was an adult who made the occasional smoothie for fun, and I did not yet have kids. Picture me blending up some yogurt, strawberries, and ripe mangoes for the ultimate treat and pretty much congratulating myself on how I was rocking life.

I also have to take you back to my visits to family as a child in South Texas and my deep and profound love of Mexican food. Mexico and Southern Texas were the only places I ever seemed to find whole black beans served in restaurants.

When my son was in the range of one year old, I was quite proud of the foods he ate. I gave him organic fruits and vegetables that were quite healthy, and he loved them.

I didn’t even realize he was experiencing chronic sporadic diarrhea. But about once a month or so, he’d inexplicably be confined to the privacy of our home where the poor baby would empty his bowels in a most unhealthy fashion.

Well, when my older sister and her family visited our parents all the way from Thailand and we were scheduled for a day of fun in a boat on the largest lake in Iowa, my son and I couldn’t go. I sadly explained to my sister that Kai was sick and I couldn’t deal with his messy diapers on a boat.

That’s when she said it.

“Well, maybe if you didn’t feed him mangoes every morning, he wouldn’t be sick.”

For a hot minute I was offended. Then, I mentally ran through a list of what I frequently gave my son to eat. At the top of the list was mangoes. They were organic, ripe and juicy, nutritious, and I was giving them to him almost every morning.

Up next were the organic whole black beans. He loved them, and I loved how healthy they were. He had them often. I was not thinking of their playground nickname, The Musical Fruit.

To top it all off, raisins were a favorite snack that I gave him frequently.

I was giving him way too much of several very good things, and I knew it. I weaned him off the weird diet I’d created for him, and lo and behold, his digestive troubles went away.

So that’s the ew!-inducing tale of how I accidentally made my little guy sick and the light bulb moment that brought me to my senses.

I’ve had LOTS of fails related to motherhood, but I’ll have to get to the others some other time. What’s your biggest mom fail?

I shared about a time my parents had a bit of a parenting fail with me on Woman of Noble Character, along with some tips for helping kids through anxiety. And stop by my friend Denise’s post called The Pros and Cons of Mom Failure for a few wise words.

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect mom for your child.

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