Everything We Loved About Kansas City

I’m so glad and so nostalgically sad to be back after our Kansas City getaway! It was the first time our family of four took a vacation out-of-state, and it went amazingly well. My parents joined us for the first two days, and we had a great time together! For today’s favorites, I’m sharing everything we LOVED about Kansas City. EEEK!


The Aquarium

About a month before our trip, I asked Kai if he’d rather visit a zoo or aquarium, and you can see what he chose. Kansas City’s aquarium is called Sea Life. It’s a wonderful little place with breathtaking exhibits. Also, it’s air conditioned, soothing, and fun for both the kids and adults.

If you visit Sea Life, I recommend timing your visit for after lunch. We got there at around 1:30, and it felt like we had the place nearly to ourselves.

The kids squealed with delight and there were lots of cries of “Daddy, LOOK!” and “Mommy, LOOK!” every time we turned a corner.



The LegoLand Discovery Center

My son is obsessed with Legos, and this Discovery Center was the main reason we picked Kansas City. We told him that there “would be a Lego place” on our trip, and I think he pictured a really nice Walmart, because that’s the only store he’s seen Legos sold. Hee hee.

I didn’t get pictures of some of the most exciting parts: two rides and a 4-D movie! I wasn’t sure if Kai could handle these things very well, but he LOVED them. Isn’t it awesome when you see your kids being brave and having more fun because of it?



The Parks and Neighborhoods

We loved going to the local playgrounds and walking around the neighborhoods! This one, Arbor Villa park, was designed for ages 2-6. They had me at two.

These pictures don’t do the park or the area justice. There were a ton of preschooler-appropriate things to do. When it’s a bit hotter, they even have a wading pool with a lifeguard on duty! I was so impressed.



The Food

I had to mention the food, obviously. Here are the highlights…(the highlights pretty much include everywhere we ate.)

Here’s a not-so-pretty picture of the burnt ends from Jack Stack. Tip: make a reservation, and come hungry.

The Crayola Cafe (across the street from Sea Life and Legoland Discovery) had some amazing lunches. And, of course, real Crayola crayons to color with while the food was cooking.

Tip: ask for balloons for your kids, and order the BBQ macaroni!

We loved the unique and delicious ice cream at Betty Rae’s! We ate in the (sit-down, air-conditioned) restaurant, but when I saw the truck out back, I grabbed a picture.




We were so impressed with Kansas City. It was BEAUTIFUL, there were fountains everywhere you looked, parks galore, live music, clean city sidewalks, good friendly people, and well-cared-for neighborhoods. My parents took a gondola ride, you guys! There were fun things to do around every corner.

We now have the dilemma of wanting to live in Kansas City. 😉


Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!
I’ll see you next week with a post on taking road trips with kids.

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