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Why Look Up to Biblical Moms?

When I took an honest look at the moms of the Bible, I learned that they were a lot like you and me. It’s completely true, and pretty encouraging! But I can’t leave it at that.

After all, if they’re just like you and me, why bother studying them? Why look to them and their stories for insight into my own life? It’s a completely valid question.

Here are the reasons I feel like the lives of Mary, Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah (and others!) are worth a close look.


7 Reasons Why I Admire the Moms of the Bible

7 Reasons to Admire Biblical Moms


1. They were devoted to God.

These godly moms worshiped the one true God and sought Him above all else. Hannah desperately poured her heart out to God, Rebekah sought Him during her difficult pregnancy, and Mary believed the unbelievable.

They showed that their faith was the foundation of their lives again and again.


2. They raised their children to believe.

The moms in the Bible passed their faith down to their kids. And they did it in a very intentional, purposeful way.

While not every child of the famed mothers in the Bible chose to follow God, all of the moms who worshiped their Heavenly Father were dedicated to teaching their children the faith. Their love, wisdom, and spiritual guidance meant a world of difference for their children.


7 Reasons Why I Admire the Moms of the Bible

3. Their stories have a lot to teach us.

The fact that these women are found in God’s word is enough to convince me that I have a lot to learn from them.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

4. They were favored by God.

When God was planning the birth of His son, He chose the families that would be part of the Savior’s lineage. They would be priestly, royal, and, yes, imperfect. What an honor it would be to trace your roots through David, Abraham, and Adam. Several of these moms could do that.

Our faith exists because of their motherhood. That’s some incredible favor from God!


7 Reasons Why I Admire the Moms of the Bible

5. God worked miracles in their lives in order to make them mothers.

These mamas were so important to God, and He made sure they became mothers. For several of them, that was no easy prospect.

Hannah was so desperate to become a mom that she couldn’t bring herself to eat until she was promised it would happen. Sarah, on the other hand, was beyond child-bearing age and had come to terms with her infertility. I can hardly blame her for laughing at the very idea.

Nothing is impossible for God, and so many Biblical moms prove that by their children’s existence alone!

Nothing is impossible for God. #faith #biblicalmoms #momsofthebible Click To Tweet


6. God’s intention for them was to be a pillar of the faith.

God built the church on so many key people, but a lot of them were mothers who taught their children to follow God. These believing moms lived out their purpose by trusting in God and allowing Him to work miracles in their lives.


7. They often faced great adversity in their parenting.

Oh, boy. So many moms in the Bible went through major difficulties with their kids. Rebekah’s sons took sibling rivalry to frightening levels, Hannah allowed someone else to raise her firstborn, and Mary could have been killed for her pregnancy out of wedlock.

These faithful mamas experienced challenging motherhood that can inspire my parenting in both pleasant and difficult seasons. 

There’s no such thing as a perfect mom, but I’m so thankful I can learn about motherhood through God’s word. Grab the free e-book below, and we’ll talk about what Mary, Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah teach us about mom life.



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The moms of the Bible were a lot like you and me. So why study them? Here are the reasons I feel like the lives of Mary, Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah (and several others!) are worth a close look. The lessons these Biblical moms teach are relevant for today's mothers and have deepened my walk with God. #biblicalmoms #momlife #bible #moms #ebook

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  1. Great post Laura!
    We are neighbors at Tune In Thursday this week. I too shared about motherhood with my post on Mama Guilt…

    You’re most welcomes to drop by for a cup of inspiration anytime!

  2. I’ve always noted the mistakes of Sara and Rebekah!! Ha…to try to be aware as a warning. It’s nice to see the positive perspective. We can learn valuable lessons from those that have gone before us and raised Godly children. Thanks Laura!

  3. This is so true, and I’m finding that even the mums in the Bible who tripped and feel over favoritism or lack of faith are important for me to read about and to learn from their negative example while making better choices–by grace.

  4. What a great post! Thank you for this perspective to teach us how the moms in the Bible have so many lessons that continue to teach us today. Blessed to be visiting you from TeaAndWord today.

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