How to Choose a Journaling Bible (Plus a Quiz!)

“You’ll know the right one when you see it.”

Ry uttered these words as I sipped on my chai latte and browsed the shelves for the right Bible. I decided it was time to get a new one, and I was feeling a little flustered. There were so many choices! But my husband was right, because when I picked up a certain gorgeous journaling Bible and leafed through it, I was giddy.

Had I made some sort of formal decision to start journaling? Nope. Did I “know how?” Nope. Did I need to? Again, NOPE.

I’m so glad I didn’t think I needed those things. If you know me, you know that colorful pens and pencils, washi, stickers, drawing, coloring, and writing are all up my alley. Now that I’ve started, I just have to pass along the joy!


You Can Start Bible Journaling, Too

There’s just one problem: Not all of you feel joyful when you think about Bible journaling. If you’ve seen other people’s work, you might be feeling something like this:

  • hesitant
  • pressured
  • overwhelmed
  • completely unskilled
  • discouraged
  • stressed

This is where I have to quote my son, the future policeman, and yell, “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” Every single person can start a Bible-based journal. It doesn’t matter if you are lacking in time or creativity. Simply put, if you enjoy studying the Bible on any level, you can also enjoy Bible journaling.

I promise that you don’t have to share my passion for all-things-artsy to begin. I hope that you come away from this post with the feeling that Bible journaling is right for you, no matter your style or particular set of obstacles.


a journaling Bible is open to the book of Psalms, with fabric paperclips and tabs.

How to Start Bible Journaling

What is Bible journaling?

Bible journaling is a wonderful way for everyone to connect more deeply with God’s word. Lots of us are joining this trend of creative reflection and study that often takes place within the pages of our Bibles. At the heart of this movement is developing a richer devotional life and kindling more excitement for God’s word. I’m convinced that Bible journaling makes God’s word spring to life in a deeply personal way.

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Bible Journaling Methods and Approaches

If you can take notes, you can do this. Bible journaling encompasses a few different approaches:

  • writing down your notes/reflections, etc.
  • using stickers, tip-ins (taping in little bits of papers and notes), and washi
  • coloring
  • painting and drawing

Are you feeling less intimidated yet? You can do one or any combination of these things. There’s a journaling method and a Bible that’s exactly right for you. I’m sure of it, because we were all made to read scripture and apply it to our lives. There are no rules, no expectations, and no pressure. You can do it!


Take the Bible Journaling Quiz

Want a little more guidance? I spent a few days creating this quiz to help you narrow down the options. (Thanks to my in-laws for all the help and testing!)

At the end, you’ll be matched with a lovely journaling Bible, or other product, to get you started!  Just click the yellow “Start” button below!


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If there’s something that’s kept you from journaling in your Bible, I hope I’ve helped remove the barriers for you. You don’t have to have a lot of time, money, or creativity to join in. There is truly no pressure and nothing but potential ahead of you. God wants to enrich your connection with His word, and I believe that journaling is powerful enough to do just that.

10 thoughts on “How to Choose a Journaling Bible (Plus a Quiz!)”

  1. I’m so intrigued with the whole Bible journaling thing. I did it a little in my blank note journal, but found that i spent it make me spend more time on the art than I did on the reflection. I’m now considering trying a wide margined Bible just to see where that goes. you have some good stuff here. I took the quiz like 6 times! haha

  2. My son bought be a beautiful Bibke Journal for Christmas, and it even has the word “Inspire” written right on the front! Gotta love a bible that matches my blog name! 😉 I don’t consider myself to be artsy either, but I have enjoyed the peaceful practice of coloring while meditating on the Word!

  3. I moonlighted at a Christian bookstore for awhile, and I confess that I have all sorts of Bibles. The one I use the most is my journaling Bible that has an entire blank page :). I’ve filled half of it up as I study, write notes and ask questions. It’s. It really pretty, but it’s meaningful to me!

  4. a beautiful start to a beautiful year in the Word – loved this, my friend! (still snowing in Iowa? 84 today – no brag, just fact) sue

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