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Hooray for Friday Favorites! This week has been a bit crazy, but mostly especially nice, thanks to family, friends, a holiday, and a birthday…so I feel like I have a lot of favorite things and moments to share.


Easter Morning and a Birthday

This Easter, a miracle occurred! My family was healthy! Truly, I was so thankful that we could all enjoy Easter together as a family, including looking for eggs and going to church. (See: last year.) What made the day even better was Ry’s parents, who are visiting all the way from the East coast to see us!

I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of Nanna and Granddad (Ry’s parents) on Easter morning! Here’s a substitute.

My husband’s birthday was a few days after Easter, but we’re celebrating it today. We’re so thankful for this wonderful daddy, husband, and son. 🙂



Good Doctors

Okay, this probably seems like an odd favorite, but I’m just SO thankful for the amazing doctors and specialists we’ve all been seeing lately. I finally went to the dentist, and sadly, I need a couple more appointments. The good news is, I like my new dentist, and the atmosphere really helped me feel comfortable.

Kai saw a really great optometrist last week, and he’ll be getting glasses soon. He’s just barely five-years-old, so I guess it’s a little sooner than most kids, but we could tell he needed them. He did SO well at the appointment, and the staff and doctors were great!

a preview of Kai’s new glasses

We also saw a wonderful group of doctors and nurses when Sylvie developed croup yesterday. I drove her to the hospital at 5 AM, you guys. They were all great, and lavished us with things like warmed blankets and a sippy cup of juice. Also, steroids and a nebulizer treatment. 🙂

Kai had a really successful appointment at the ENT this week, to get to the bottom of some hearing issues he’s had. He has some fluid in his ears that isn’t draining, so in a week, tubes will be solving that problem.

Fun times. I’m going to write a post about resources to help prepare kids for different doctors’ appointments, because it’s something that has made a huge difference for us!



The Kids’ Table

When one of my best friends in the world visited, she brought her wonderful kiddos and all of us had a great time. If there’s one thing I learned from this visit, it’s that I highly recommend a kids’ table in this situation.



Lovely perfume

My in-laws came bearing a bottle of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, because they know me so well. I do love lots of other scents, but in the end, this is what I always reach for. (Do you remember when it came out? Oprah got really excited about it and chose it as one of her favorite things that year.) Another  bonus: it’s not pricey. But I love it because It really lives up to its name! I looked up the fragrance notes for you:

Description: silky white amber
Notes: mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, apple martini, patchouli, paper whites, orchid, cedar, white amber, musk and woods.

Does anyone know what “paper whites” would smell like?? Personally, I’d describe Lovely as soft, clean, a teeeeensy bit floral, and peppery. But I’m not a professional. All I know is I looooove it, and if you’re looking for a beautiful and balanced scent try Lovely. And maybe ask for this sweet little gift set for Mother’s Day.



Freebie of the Week

My friend Leigh-Ellen at Parenting with Humility has some wonderful resources for you! When I asked what she’d like to share, she pointed me to these sweet and simple prayer cards for your preschooler. I love her post about creating quiet time baskets for her kiddos, and how it affected her morning routine.

These prayer cards are perfect for pre-readers! Leigh-Ellen shares some really fantastic tips for using them with your young ones.

Click to read the post and download!


One more thing–I’m SUPER excited about the post I’m working on for Monday. Make sure to drop by then.

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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  1. I learned that we NEED to get one of those bouncy balls for our kids! Also, have you ever grown paper whites? Now I know what to get you for Christmas!

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