Friday Favorites: Cookies with Coffee

Hooray for Friday Favorites! This week went from weather that made my daughter say “YUCK!” to full-on Springtime bliss. Here are all of my favorite moments and things of this week.


Spring Sunshine

We started off our week like this…

And we’re finishing it off like this…

Yes, it snowed more than once this week, and I’ve decided we’re officially done with these white flakes that I loved so much a couple of months ago. Snow, your time has come.



A Successful Procedure

Okay, so Kai’s ear tube procedure was so much easier than I was prepared for. Even though they told us it would be quick, it didn’t really click until they brought Kai to us about 10 minutes after we said “see you later!”

He did get sick afterward, but then he recovered like a champ. That afternoon, this was the scene in our backyard before dinner.

not exactly sure what’s going on here.

The boy had energy right away! I’m just so thankful his hearing is all sorted out. Between that and his glasses, he’s doing SO well!



Biscoff Cookies + Coffee

My hubby came home with these after his trip to Virginia, and I only just now tried them out. Let’s just say I had reservations about “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee” because, I’m sorry Europe, but I’m not a fan of your cookies in general (or “biscuits”.) These Biscoff cookies proved me wrong.

apologies for the awkward selfie with the empty bag–I finished them too fast

They were SO DELICIOUS that I immediately started looking for more. Apparently people have been discovering them on flights and then running home to do the same.

They’re at Target (look at all the 5-star reviews!) or you can grab them in bulk on Amazon here. A little warning: once you have them with your coffee, you might not be able to stop. I figure they’d be great to offer guests when I don’t have something homemade…as long as I haven’t eaten them first, of course.



Sylvie’s Latest Sayings

My two-year-old has started saying two things that I have to share: “Check it out!” and “Okaaaaaay??” She yells that last one out pretty loudly after telling me something really important. She’s also been referring to herself with her first and middle name together. We do that occasionally, but I think it might become a regular thing.

I can’t believe how big both my kids are getting!



Freebie of the Week

This free phone background comes from Dwelling Well Mom, and it isn’t just pretty, it’s a wonderful scripture! Christi has such a big heart for moms, and I love the encouragement and tips she shares. I’ve been pinning her posts like crazy lately!

Just visit her site here to grab this *lovely* background.

Tell me what you’re loving this week. I’ll see you on Monday with a fun freebie!

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  1. I am so jealous of how you’re ending your week with warmth and sunshine! It’s 32 and cloudy here! I am hoping and praying that spring comes here next week, I can’t stand the cold much longer!! Glad the ear tube procedure went well. Have a great weekend!

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