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My son has always played with his toys at a point-blank distance. I used to think it was cute. I mean, after all, it was.

Kai on his first day of three-school.

It took years for us to connect the dots between moments like this and the need for glasses. It’s impossible to be vigilant about everything, and we truly thought this was just Kai being Kai.

The light went on for me and Ry around the same time. I made an optometrist appointment for Kai as soon as it did.

Tips on Taking Your Kiddo to Their First Optometrist Appointment

I feel like the eye doctor is the easiest doctor, in terms of how comfortable kids are with the visit. But my son had never been there, and he’d also recently had some less-than-fun moments with swabs and pokes at the doctor’s office. I really wanted to reassure him that the eye doctor would be easy peasy. Here’s how I prepared him, and I think it helped him out a lot!

Watch this video with your child.

I loved this video about a five-year-old’s trip to the eye doctor, because it’s so normal and sweet and it will prep your kiddo for the entire appointment. (There are others out there that I didn’t like because they focused on the kid’s fears!)

Prepare your kiddo for glasses.

Something simple like, “The doctor will tell you if you need glasses. We can look at them before we go!” We were pretty sure Kai needed them, so we also talked about the people and fictional characters we know who wear glasses.

My 5-year-old’s Experience

Kai was completely comfortable at the eye doctor. (Thanks, Little Miss Kate, for the awesome video!) He followed directions and listened like a champ! We let him pick his frames, and I think that went a long way in how much he liked wearing them. As a parent, the best thing about glasses is the impact they have on your kids.

Kai immediately started telling us about what he could see, like deer running in the fields, trucks on the highway, signs along the road, pictures hanging on the walls, and all sorts of things we didn’t know were blurry for him before. He also started writing his name smaller instead of HUGE right away. πŸ™‚

Once his glasses came in, I started wearing mine for a few days instead of contacts. Kai loved how we matched and it helped me give him tips about cleaning them, and when to take them off…like:

  • At bedtime
  • During baths
  • Before crashing into the couch face-first

Once he realized his friends and teachers liked them too, he was completely confident about them. We are SO THRILLED for him!

I’m positive that your kiddo will have a good experience at the eye doctor, especially if you help him or her feel prepared. Glasses have made such a huge difference for our son, and if your child needs them, I know you’ll be amazed at how much they help!

Prepare your child for their first visit to the optometrist! Here are a few tips on reassuring your child and inspiring confidence when it's time for your kiddo's first pair of glasses. #optometrist #kids #glasses

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