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My son is officially five years old! He’s so sweet, creative, bright, and thoughtful. And he keeps us laughing! I just had to share some of my favorite quotes from him over the last year.

“God just made me to not like veggies.”

“This is the mightiest sock in the world!”

“There is one God, one Jesus, and two presidents.” #soclose

“The next time you go shopping at the mall, if you go in clothes stores, think about how mommy and daddy underwear is made.”

After sleeping in the same room as his sister at the grandparents, Kai said, “I slept for like 6 minutes and Sylve slept for 5.” #truth

While pretending to fish, Kai put a fish he had caught in the pretend cooler. Then he said to it, “it’s okay catfish, we’re going to eat you later for breakfast.”

Kai: “It’s kind of crispy out!! ”
Me: “Oh! What’s that mean?”
Kai: “It means cold in French. I know so many different languages!”

Ry: “Do you want a drink?”
Kai: “No, I’m hydrated. I’m gonna be hydrated for like four or five seconds.”

This past fall, his favorite foods were:
1) caramel
2) bacon
3) waffles
4) pumpkin mellowcremes
5) candy corn

We were cleaning the dishwasher with apple cider vinegar. I told him it had a strong smell, and he smelled it and said, “it smells like pancakes…that have been in the garbage.”

When Kai was coughing badly one night, I told him “its OK, mommy’s here. I’m going to sleep on your bed tonight.” Kai quietly said, “me too.”

Halloween afternoon: I walked up to Kai when he was playing and asked, “How’re you doing?” Kai said, “good,” and kept playing. I replied, “good.” Kai whipped around. “Did you say candy?!!”

Kai choked on some green beans, then spit out the chewed mass onto the table and said, “Somebody else can eat these if they want them.”

In the middle of the night, Kai randomly said, “Nothing is impossible, but some things get pretty messed up.”

Playing “daddy’s work meeting” where we pretend to update each other about how our jobs are going.
Me: “And Kai, how are things going for you?”
Kai: “Good. But my raccoon keeps getting a cold from eating cat food.”

Me: “Oh, do you have a cough?”
Kai: “It’s okay. I’ll just leave it there.”

Kai was tired and had a cold, and in his frustration he tried to insult me with this statement: “YOU need a drink of WATER!” He was right, actually.

Kai was not eating his chicken dumpling soup.
Daddy: “Did you try the dumplings?!”
Kai: “I did! They’re actually kind of gross.”

Me, to Sylvie: “Is there something in your eye, honey?”
Kai, to Sylvie: “Is it your eyeball??”

Kai asked me where he should throw away his wrapper, meaning in the trash or the recycle bin. I said trash. He thought a bit and said, “Mommy, you know a lot about garbage.”

I hope you got a kick out of my awesome five-year-old today! 🙂 I sure do every single day.
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