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Hooray for Friday Favorites! Spring is here, and I hope it feels like it wherever you are. The four of us have a little bit of cabin fever, because colds are never ending, and I have the pictures to prove it!


Balloon Volleyball

My husband came home with a couple of balloons after work one day (because child therapy) and he set up a volleyball “net” in our livingroom. The kids pretty much had the time of their lives trying to keep the balloons from hitting the floor! Or, in Sylvie’s case, trying to catch and throw it. Sylvie expressed her feelings by holding her pink balloon close and giving it a hug. “HUG,” she told me.

Ahhh…This is a stage I know I’ll miss for both of them. Note: pictures were impossible.

Balloons were especially appropriate because Kai is turning five in a few short days. Pass the cake and the Kleenex, please.



Bear Toast

Kai saw me looking at Pinterest one day, and he asked for this bear toast as soon as he saw it. Pinterest has power over 4-year-olds as well as their moms, in case you were wondering.

Here’s our toast!

Bear Toast


Our blueberries weren’t fresh, but no one noticed. (I mean, except you, because I just told you.) It was tasty and my kids LOVED it. It’s amazing how something simple like making a face out of food can create such an impression on them. Kai kept saying, “I’m eating the bear’s face!” He’s a funny one.

Here’s the original pin where you see how to make bear toast, penguin toast, monkey toast, and owl toast, to name a few. I believe they all involve nutella and blueberries, so basically they are guaranteed to be a winner.




I’ve booked two different Airbnb stays in the past week, and I’m so excited about them! If you aren’t familiar with this company, they connect travelers with people across the globe who will host your stay. (Hosts are verified and peer-reviewed.) This can mean staying in a room of a host’s home and eating breakfast with them, or having an entire place to yourself.

This is my first time using Airbnb, so I’ll be sure to let you know how our stays go. But so far, I’m really impressed. For one trip we’re staying in a nice 3-bedroom home, and the other is a little getaway for Ry and I in a downtown condo. The two different hosts have been incredible–one is supplying a crib for Sylvie, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the info.

I can’t wait to have the convenience of a home atmosphere, especially with kiddos, while we travel. So far I highly recommend it! Oh, and here’s a tip: when browsing Airbnb, fill out your dates and number of people so you get accurate prices.

Such cute homes on Airbnb! (This isn’t one we’re using, but it’s ok for me to share)


Lemongrass + Lavender

I’ve been using lemongrass and lavender essential oils in my diffuser and cleaners, and I’m loving it. They make such a perfect blend for Spring! Benefits of these oils (that I can mention) are…

Lemongrass: great for cleansing the air and repelling insects, plus it’s soothing and refreshing. Best used to inhale and clean with, but not for skin.

Lavender: the “Swiss Army knife” of essential oils, lavender is a floral that does just about everything! It’s gentle, cleansing, and soothing as well. (It’s very skin-friendly.)

By the way, both of these oils are on the inexpensive side, no matter where you buy them, especially lemongrass!

lemongrass and lavender essential oils

The key here is to use more lavender than lemongrass. Lemongrass is powerful. In fact, I store it this way to keep the scent contained.

lemongrass oil storage



Freebie of the Week

It’s Spring, and I haven’t shared much in the way of Spring cleaning tips…but that’s probably because I’m not the right person for that. Thankfully, Sue has me covered! She shares the most thorough Spring cleaning checklist I’ve EVER seen (and I looked at a lot last year!) on her wonderful blog Woman of Noble Character. She has so many things on this list that I would not have thought to do! I’m so grateful that she shared it as a PDF for zero dollars. Just go over there and grab it! If you prefer to see the list on screen, she has it all typed out for you there too, along with some beautiful Bible verses to inspire you. Seriously, I’m so impressed!

Click and then download or pin from Sue’s site

Grab her Spring Cleaning Master Checklist now and thank me later.

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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  1. That toast is so cute! I’d never think of anything that creative…but I can copy cat with the best of them, ha! I haven’t tried out Airbnb either but it’s been on my list. Hope your stay goes well!

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