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I can’t tell you how much fun I had reminiscing as I put this together. It was really difficult to narrow all the memories down to ten! I decided to list them by date, with the earliest first, because there’s no way I could rank them. Get ready for pictures of us with our baby faces on! Here’s my top 10 memories with the love of my life.


Trips to NYC and Phantom of the Opera

My husband is from New Jersey, and the first time I visited his hometown, we also went sight-seeing in New York City. Technically, I’d been there before, but it was very briefly with a choir tour in college and we didn’t explore the city at all. So this was the first time I was charmed by the Big Apple, and I’ll never forget it.

We saw my first Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, and it became my favorite to this day. I’ll always remember seeing it with my fiance and navigating the city with him at night (he really knows what he’s doing). We’ve seen it a total of three times now, in that same pretty theater.

(Side note: These pics are from a later trip, but they capture the memories well. I really need to work on my digital photo organization!)



Our Wedding Day

We were married fifteen years ago on a pretty winter day in my little hometown. We were your typical newlywed couple, very much in love, young, and a little naive.

us together on our wedding day lighting the unity candle on our wedding day kiss



Buying Our First Home

We took the plunge and bought a home for the first time after four years of marriage. It was a sweet little cottage in a neighborhood full of larger family homes. It had two bedrooms, a little upstairs room, and a great big kitchen. We put a lot of love into this house. Ry refinished the floors, I pruned the trees and painted and decorated my heart out since this was the first place I could change. Seeing the pictures just makes me smile.

The lot was 0.5 acre, and we had a self-propelled push mower. Between that and the walking trail just across the road at a park, we were in pretty good shape! 🙂 We took turns with the mowing, but let’s face it—Ry mowed it most of the time. One time, just after I started mowing, a guy walked by and offered to finish it for a little cash. Ry was really confused for a second when he saw me in the house but heard the mower running. You do what you gotta do, am I right?

our first home us



Our Trip to Washington DC

Maybe a year after we bought our home, we took a trip to the D.C. area to visit Ry’s grandparents. His granddad loved to play tour guide, and we spent an awesome day checking out museums and memorials in D.C. Someday we’ll go back!

me at the LIncoln memorial abraham lincoln



After we moved to Colorado, Ry and I had a great time taking little trips to the mountains. One fall day, we drove up to Kenosha Pass—a spot about 50 miles from us up the mountain—to view the foliage. We were blown away by the beauty we found at every turn. It was AMAZING!! We had a wonderful day, stopping to take a mini hike near a creek, eating at a little barbeque joint, and just taking our time in general. The trees took my breath away.



Our 10th Anniversary Trip to Cancun/Riviera Maya

Well, you can’t beat Cancun! I’m so glad we decided to do something big for our 10th anniversary. We had a wonderful week in the Riviera Maya (plus a day in Cancun). We even went through a mild hurricane…but still, it was a hurricane.

My favorite memories from this trip aren’t really the amazing sight-seeing we did so much as lounging around in a huge cabana that we had to ourselves, getting loads of refreshing drinks, and spending time on the beach.



Cutting Down a Christmas Tree in the Rockies

I wanted to include at least one memory that would be a bit unexpected. When we lived in Colorado, we found out that it’s easy to get a permit to cut down a tree at Christmastime in the Rockies. The short reasoning behind this is that it allows the forest service to better manage national forests and reduce the negative impact of forest fires (we saw a LOT of those when we lived there).

So one November, we drove from the foothills where we lived up into the mountains, got a permit, and found our own beautiful, imperfect Christmas tree in one of the national forests. We sipped peppermint hot chocolate and sang Christmas carols, and we drove home with that tree riding in our backseat like it was our baby.



Finding Out We Were Pregnant with Kai

In the summer of 2012, our lives changed forever. We’d been hoping and praying for a baby for a long time. When July came around, I suspected that I might be pregnant, but decided not to do a home pregnancy test until the morning of my birthday. So I waited.

The morning of July 12, on my 33rd birthday, we found out we were going to have a baby. It was a happy birthday.

From our maternity shoot a few months later…


A Day Trip to Our Alma Mater

Last year, I wrote about our best date ever, and here’s a little summary for you: if you can, go on a nostalgic date with your hubby! Three years ago, we left our toddler with my parents and set off for an hour+ drive to our old stomping grounds. Where would that be, you ask? At the University of Iowa in Iowa City, the place we first met, became friends, denied we were anything more, and then finally fell in love. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day.


Finding Out We Were Pregnant with Sylvie

The date was May 4, 2015. I had gone to Walmart that day with Kai, and I remember picking up a pregnancy test on a whim (yes, a WHIM) because I knew I was a bit late. After we got home, while Kai was playing in the living room, I sneaked to the bathroom to take the test during a rare moment of privacy, completely expecting a negative.


So, um, I was SURPRISED. We hadn’t decided for sure whether we wanted a second kiddo and if so, when, but God decided for us. When I showed him the positive result, I’ll never forget Ry’s face.

He kept saying, “is this real?” and he wore the sweetest smile for the rest of the night. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh (because hormones). We ended up laughing and sharing our shock for the rest of the night. He was so excited, very happy, and super supportive and amazing as always.

Here’s a picture of Ry and our little boy a few weeks later. These two have my heart!

I hope you enjoyed coming along on my trip down memory lane.
What are some of your favorite memories with your husband? 

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