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Happy Monday, friends! This was not at all the day that I planned, but that’s not surprising by now. 🙂 I was supposed to have a dentist appointment, and get Kai back in preschool for the first time in a week! (Insert side eye to the unnamed virus my kids got originally…) And it was all going to be rather terrifying.

But I’ll have to face those two things another day. Here’s how it all went down.


We kicked off our weekend on Friday morning with a goodbye to daddy, who was flying to the East Coast for his grandma’s funeral.

The kids and I packed up and went to my parent’s farm. If this sounds familiar, that’s because we did the same thing when his grandfather passed away. Our time at the farm then was a story for the ages.

Anyway, I was really grateful that the kids weren’t getting sick (like last weekend) and there wasn’t a snowstorm to drive through (also, like last weekend).

The kids settled right in to playing at the farm. It was especially nice because they’d been cooped up in our house for so long!

Nap time on Friday was the first time my kids proved our “the kids don’t sleep at the farm” theory wrong. Hallelujah!

And THEN we had a pretty good night as well. I thought it was because the kids were getting over their sickness and were still a bit extra tired at the time…little did I know the second wave was about to begin.


Saturday was altogether cozy, with a little fresh snowfall and the Olympics on TV. My parents happened to have a card table set up in their family room, and that came in handy for sliding around stuffed animals. Of course.

This night, we made chicken wings in the pressure cooker and then broiled them for a few minutes. They came out great!

I sustained a minor injury due to a freak barbecue sauce explosion incident. A little piece of advice: You might want to slip on a welding helmet when removing wings from the oven.

My parents played slap jack with Kai after I put Sylvie down to bed. Look out for this card shark! He’s quick with a slap (unless he’s really slow).


Sunday was the day my kids, Sylvie in particular, seemed a bit more sick than the “getting over a cough” phase that I’d thought they were in. We hung back at my parents’ while they went to church, and I gave them a bath after some low-key playing. After naps, Sylvie wasn’t doing the greatest. I got her in the bathroom with hot steamy water running, while my mom helped me get packed and worked on dinner.

Kai was such a sweetie, snuggling his sister in the bathroom while we steamed.

After a quick dinner, I got the car packed and snapped a picture of the sunset. I was eager to get home, and see my husband, and get my kids feeling better.

But our night was far from over. We drove all of a 1/4 mile before Sylvie coughed so badly she threw up. I turned around and we went right back to the farm. I decided to stay the night because I didn’t think Sylvie could handle the car ride, and because her things were in the wash. 🙂 There was just enough time to tell Ryan to drive to the farm from the airport instead of home, and we got to see him that night!


I was up with our sweet girl the whole night, except for a shift my mom took (thanks, mom!). In the morning, we took Sylvie to urgent care, and after a few tests, she was diagnosed with bronchitis with a warning that it could turn into pneumonia.

stopping to see the birds at the hospital

We left armed with three prescriptions (steroid, antibiotic, and nebulizer) and after naps we packed up and our family of four made it home! Sylvie is doing SO MUCH better already. Thank God for good medicine and doctors! I’m wrapping this up because I can barely think straight…We’re all going to get some well-earned rest tonight. I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. A weekend on the farm with a fresh snow fall sounds amazing! Yikes, those wings sound dangerous lol. I hope baby girl is ok and that she is feeling better soon! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

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