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I don’t think I’d be a very good blogger if I didn’t ever overshare, so here is my definitive good blogger post full of details on basically every aspect of my health. This started last year, when I wrote about Self Care for Moms and challenged myself to follow through on my own suggestions. (Always a good idea!)

Now is a great time for me to check in, since we’re more than a month into the New Year, and Shay and Erika’s linkup is today too. Here’s the complete truth about where I’m at in self-care.


Doctor’s Visits

I’m following the outline of my Self-Care post, so if this seems really thorough, that’s why. I figure if I say something is a good idea, and then I tell you that I need to work on it, and then I challenge myself to do it, I should follow through. Visiting any type of doctor isn’t my favorite, and I’ve let things slide after having two kids. So here’s where I’m at on my Doctors’ Visit challenge.

  • Dentist: I have a dental check-up next Monday. This is the hardest one for me. Between a youth of orthodontics inclcuding retainers, headgear, braces, and finally jaw surgery, I get really uncomfortable at the dentist. Do you guys have any tips for my next visit?
  • Ob/Gyn: I still need to make my next appointment for an exam. Just keepin’ it real.
  • Optometrist: I went to my eye doctor last week, and surprise! I’m wearing “progressive” bifocal contact lenses. Don’t worry, they are progressive. I’m not old enough for full bifocals, of course. 😉
  • Dermatologist: I’ll be doing a skin check with a dermatologist this Spring.
  • General Practitioner: Yep, I had my yearly physical too!
  • Specialists: I haven’t needed a specialist in a long time. Last month, I did have ultrasounds done on several lipomas in my legs that are totally fine…but worth checking and measuring once in my life. By the way, lipomas are just benign lumps of fat that grow in soft tissue. Eek! Seriously, is this getting a bit TMI yet?


Healthy Living

Here’s how I’m keeping healthy…or not keeping healthy.

  • Spiritual Health: This is such a broad category that I created! Here’s a quick look into my morning routine: I keep it simple and read a chapter of the Bible every day. Ry and I read the same book of the Bible and I’ve found that taking it slow and talking with my husband about it is really helpful for me. I usually do this first thing in the morning, but I’m flexible about it. And I use both my physical Bible and YouVersion’s Bible app. I mix in other elements like prayer, devotionals, listening to teachings, and more throughout the day.
  • Sleep: I actually get 8 hours a night unless kids are sick or have some kind of trouble in the night. I’m doing pretty well with sleep. Hooray!
  • Eating: Okay, so I need a bit more help in the eating more fruits and vegetables department. I’ve been LOVING substituting not-so-great snacks (like chips) with BoomChickaPop popcorn. Not that that’s a veggie.
  • Drinking water: You guys. I got this amazing water bottle from Amazon and I’ve been drinking at least four times the water I used to because of it! Without any other flavors, I passionately dislike water. I also choke on it easily. A couple of years ago, I choked so badly on my water that I was reeeeally straining to breathe and thought I might need some sort of medical intervention. Don’t worry, it turned out ok. 😀 But this is an infusion bottle, with a basket that you fill with fruit or even herbs. I’ve been adding oranges/orange peel, strawberries, cucumber, and lemons in different combinations so far. It’s completely changed my water routine and I’ve had no near-death experiences, so I call that a win. This one is 100% leak-proof, so I can take it with me anywhere, like my kids’ rooms, and not worry about it tipping over. You twist the lid off to drink. It’s ok to use sparking water, too, and I LOVE it that way.
  • Relationships: My marriage is the most important (human) relationship I have, so Ry and I like to nurture it. Because Ry is a therapist, we’re familiar with all kinds of books on the subject. There are so many incredibly helpful resources out there, but I think my personal favorite is the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. You (and your great Aunt Fanny) are probably familiar with love languages, but I think that paying attention to your spouse’s love language is the best thing you can do for your marriage. And it’s not easy. If you haven’t taken the test in awhile, it’s worth it to take it again and send each other your love language results. Ry and I did this again a couple of years ago, and learned our love languages have changed just a bit. We also learned that we are both weakest in the other’s strongest love language. Opposites attract, right? 🙂
  • Recreation/Exercise: I’m not doing so great here. I love yoga, but I haven’t made the time for it the way I’d like to in the past week or two. I need some motivation!
  • Mental Health: Basically everything on this long list contributes to mental health! One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I love to plan, and it really helps me keep my thoughts organized. Yes, planning is important to my mental health. 😀


Me Time

Ahhhh, my favorite category!

  • Pursuing a hobby: My hobby is blogging, so you can tell that I’m keeping up with that one! I also enjoy reading and sharing book reviews here too. For me, pursuing a hobby is a good sign that I’m doing well. Keeping up this little blog and connecting with all of you is so much fun for me!
  • Caring for my appearance: The older I get, the longer this list is. To keep it short, here’s a couple of things I do at night for my skin:
    1. I use a serum and eye cream at night. This is just part of a goal I have to take care of my skin.
    2. I also started deep conditioning my lips at night. I have chronically dry lips and second to drinking water, it’s really important for me to moisturize! Right now this lip therapy balm is changing my life.
    And here are a couple of things I want to do:
    1. I really love painted nails, but do I do it very often? Nope.
    2. Someday, I want to try Stitch Fix once in my life.
  • Getting away for a bit: This one is SO tough! We have plans for some dates in the Spring, but we feel pretty challenged when it comes to making time to get away from our routine lives as parents. I do have some little breaks coming up, like a gift certificate for a facial that I got for Christmas and a shopping trip. And I take mini breaks every day, during nap times and after the kids are in bed.

Whew! So, consider yourself well informed on my health. 🙂 I hope you feel encouraged to try some new routines or at least to know you aren’t alone!

Self Care

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8 Comments on How I Do Self Care (Update!)

  1. I love your update! I’ve found that it’s easy to make goals, but letting them slip through the cracks happens more often that we think…especially when we are talking about self-care!

    I noticed you want to try StitchFix, so I thought I’d send my referral link so you can try for free. Not trying to be pushy here, but thought the waived styling fee might take away the risk!

    In full disclosure I have only ordered one fix, but I can tell you three things about it:

    1. I still regret sending a pair of pants that fit perfectly back. They were a little more than I like to spend (I tend to like walmart pricing with nordstrom quality….is that too much to ask?). To this day I wish I had spend the $70. I kept one shirt and I still love it (2+ years later).
    2. I chose the lowest price point and the prices were still a bit high to me. I think you can tell your stylist that, and it should help. And again…I have those lofty dreams of cheapo prices for great quality clothes.
    3. Everything was beautiful and easy. The sign up. The delivery. The packaging. The returns.

    If you want to check it out, you can do so here:

    This will waive your first styling fee, so worst case scenario is you send it all back and don’t spend a penny.

    Hope this helps!

  2. You’re doing a great job! I’ll admit I giggled a little about needing medical intervention for choking on water! LOL! But I’m glad you were okay!! I LOVE infusing fruit and other flavors in my water! Cucumber and mint is my all time favorite combo. And rosemary and lemon is surprisingly tasty as well!

  3. LOVE all these categories and ideas! Definitely going to be adding some to my self care list! 🙂

    Ugh, the Dentist is SO tough for me too – I had all but 5 of my baby teeth pulled out because they wouldn’t fall on their own. Then I had to have an additional 4 adult teeth cut out because my mouth is small and I didn’t have room for them. Along with 5 years of orthodontic treatment (palate expander, braces, & retainer) and of course getting my wisdom teeth removed…I’m almost 27 and STILL beg one of my parents or husband to go to my appointments with me :\

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