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This week went by quickly and slowly at the same time. It was slow because I spent lots of time looking through old photos, curled up on the couch while it snowed, and cooking soups and roasts for dinner. It went by quickly as well, because that’s mom life for you. Here’s what happened and what I loved about this week.



This week, we found out Ry’s grandmother passed away. She was such a sweet and fun person. My favorite memory with her is listening to her stories about how she and her identical twin sister would trade places in school. Ry has a lot more, but he told Kai about how she would string clothesline up on the poster bed to hang blankets and make an awesome fort for her grandkids. This gorgeous lady is in heaven now.

The day before she passed away, I’d been looking at old photos, including ones of her, for sharing my favorite memories with Ry. It’s been a bittersweet, emotional, nostalgic week.



Snow Angels

Because of all the snow this week, we spent some quality time in the backyard. Kai made a snow angel and threw puffs of snow (puffs because it was too dry and fluffy to be packed) while Sylvie fussed at me to go back inside. This girl is 100% adorable, even when she’s fussing. Turns out she loves looking at the snow, but not actually being in it. I’m sure someday that will change.

The icing on the cake for everyone was that I mixed up hot chocolate in our small crockpot and had it warming while we played. You should try this out if you haven’t already! 🙂 It gives the kids extra incentive to come inside and all I have to do is ladle it into cups for them. They drink while I hang their snow gear to dry.



Using Facebook Messenger for Texting

You can just welcome me to the modern era, friends, because even though I’ve used Messenger, I’d never played with it much at all. When a family friend of ours contacted Ry to talk about their mission trip to France, he used Messenger, partly because it works across the globe. So Ry tried it out with me, too. It turns out sending each other stickers and adding crazy looks to our selfies is actually pretty fun. Sometimes a sticker says it all.

translation: “I’m getting ready for bed” (while Ry was away at church) and “the kids and I are pretending to be pirates.”

We can’t do this by SMS, and if we tried, it would cost us. Being the nerd that I am, I actually looked up the benefits of using Messenger (instead of text), and I found out a bunch of people have written on that topic. For iPhone users, it’s especially helpful to communicate with Android-using friends. You can customize it, delete texts on both sides of the conversation, and send group texts without worrying who has what operating system. But mostly I like it because it’s fun. On the downside, I know it takes up a lot of space, and friends can’t see your messages unless they have the Messenger app. But if those things don’t bother you, give it a shot!



Ed Sheeran

The question isn’t whether to listen to Ed Sheeran leading up to Valentine’s Day, but which of his songs you’d prefer to have on repeat. I had Perfect playing constantly while I wrote my memories post, and it was, well, perfect.

For the best of his music and a little variety too, check out the Ed Sheeran mix on Pandora. It says there are 17 million listening to this station, so maybe you already have checked it out.



Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel for Shaving

I saw it on Pinterest, of course. Once I heard that this gel would change my shave game, I was on board. Especially because a few weeks ago I gave myself a rash when I didn’t shave my legs properly. (I promise I’m not twelve.) So I grabbed this stuff and decided the internet was right. It’s different than anything I’ve ever used, and it’s perfect for dry legs. Watch out, though–It takes less than I thought it would..the first time I accidentally made our tub really slippery!

It’s less than $4 and has a ton of rave reviews on Target, mostly from grown-ups using it as a moisturizer and/or for shaving. Oh, and it smells like cocoa butter (in a faint, natural way)  and looks like champagne. I say add it to your cart!



Site Updates

This week, I added a little menu to the top navigation bar so you can browse my blog by topic. I’m so glad I did this (finally) and I think it’ll help you find more of what you like on my blog.

I also made a few updates to the pictures on the start here and the topics pages. If you’re a blogger, you probably get my excitement over the little things on my blog. 🙂

That wraps it up for me. Remember to give your family extra hugs today, and have a happy Friday!

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  1. Looks like your kids had a blast in the snow! We’ve had a bit of snow but not enough for REALLY playing outside. I agree, crock-pot cocoa is the best (and easiest!)

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