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In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of an essential oils geek. I started with my first bottle of essential oil (hooray for lavender!) about six years ago. I had a lot of questions, and if you’re starting out, I’m sure you do too! I know that learning to use your oils can be overwhelming, but one thing I love about aromatherapy is that you can keep it as simple as you like. (Here’s a mantra for you: When in doubt, diffuse.) So today I wanted to share some free aromatherapy resources for you.

First, a little disclaimer–this isn’t a sales pitch. I just think everyone should be able to use their oils with confidence, no matter what brand is on the label. But I’m begging you to only use high quality, pure essential oils! If you’re curious about what I use, here are my favorite essential oils and how you can get started.

Because essential oils are so popular, there’s a lot of discussion about them online and, sadly, there’s a lot of misinformation out there too. It’s enough to make anybody hesitant! We all want to use them safely and effectively, but many of us aren’t sure how. We also want to create helpful products for our family with them and to make our homes smell like a spa. Well, you can do all that!

Free Online Classes in Essential Oils

These two classes are both accredited by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). That means you can trust them. I’ve taken both of these courses, and I loved them so much I just had to share!

1. Intro to Essential Oils

The first class is great for a beginner who’d like to use essential oils around the home but wants to feel more confident in it.

This class is fairly quick but full of important information that you can use right away. It doesn’t hurt that the recipes are fantastic! For the academic buff, there’s even a little quiz at the end. 🙂 I think that anybody who wants to be more comfortable with oils or who wants to sell them should give this course a try.

2. Intro to Aromatherapy

The second class I’m sharing is better for someone who’s interested in investing significant time and study in essential oils. It’s a perfect primer for anyone who would like to become certified in aromatherapy someday. Or, if you’re someone like me and just kind of obsessed, it’s for you too!

This one is wonderful and so impressive for a free course. The videos are filmed in a cozy cabin, where Jade distills her own oils and makes products for her aromatherapy clients. Just watching the videos alone will get you excited (in a very calm way) about diving into EOs. Jade is an exceptional teacher with a lot of experience. You’ll learn a lot from this lovely course.

There are a million positive benefits to using essential oils, and I plan on discovering them all. 😉 But truly, I love them because they are natural, wonderful-smelling, and powerful. If you’re interested in learning more, these classes will give you a wonderful foundation for using your oils. And if you have questions for me, you know how to reach me!

Do you use essential oils? What’s your favorite way to use them?

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