Top 10 Photos of 2017

I can’t believe 2017 is wrapping up! But I’m so glad that I wrote this, because it motivated me to look at my photos over the past year. Thanks, Perfectly Port Family, for the topic and linkup!

It was SO hard to pick only 10. Most of what I’m sharing are just regular old pictures from our everyday lives. Sometimes those are the best!

Valentine’s Day 2017. Her shirt says “I’m with Cupid” 🙂
How Kai likes to relax
2017 was the year my family got into board games. This one is called Rhino Hero.
Look at these handsome guys!
Rys family visited and we had the best time!
This kiddo turned four!
I took several pictures this past year of Sylvie and her beautiful strawberry blonde curls. No birthday pictures for her, though, because she’s a Christmastime baby!


Hug attack!
Brother and sister. I have no words.
Our family

I highly recommend you take a look at your own pictures from this year. It’s amazing what happened in a year for us!

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What were some of your favorite family moments of the last year? I hope you take the time to enjoy some memories this season!


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