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Hooray for Friday Favorites! This week was filled with family fun and Christmas coziness. We saw a little bit of snow, we went Christmas shopping, we drank eggnog (and baked with it), and made Christmas crafts. Here are the things I loved about this last week–I think you’ll love them too.


Homemade Muffins

Last week, my favorite Pin was a recipe for Eggnog Cranberry Orange muffins. I thought it looked amazing, but let’s just say I was a little nervous to make something from scratch after my last baking debacle.

My solution was to make this as a family over the weekend. I worked on the muffin batter, while my guys worked on the crumbles and glaze. I successfully followed the directions! These turned out to be the BEST homemade muffins we’ve ever eaten. I’m not exaggerating. They were incredible!

Making Eggnog Cranberry Orange Muffins Eggnog Cranberry Orange Muffins Eggnog Cranberry Orange Muffins 2

Stacey does warn that her Eggnog Cranberry Orange muffins aren’t the healthiest ever, but that’s what Christmas is for! They are bakery-style, fill-to-the-top of the tin, moist and fluffy muffins. We had them for breakfast throughout the week (we had to cut them in half!) and I think they would be great to make ahead for your Christmas morning!



A New Vacuum

This week we bought a new vacuum. The cord on our old one was torn (we patched it up with electric tape) and–ahem–the vacuum was 15 years old. It was loud and known to frighten babies and toddlers. And apparently, there have been some technological advances in the field of vacuums over the last decade or two.

We did our research, asked around, and decided we wanted one that is powerful, deals with allergens, and does not release the dust back into the air. Both my mom and Ry’s mom have purchased Shark vacuums in the last year, and after having them for months, they are still raving. So here’s what we got!

Right away, I noticed these things:

  • I was able to parent while vacuuming. The kids were right next to me, talking with me, and acting like everything was normal.
  • It can get into more places than our old one, because the floor brush is not as wide.
  • It’s lighter and has a detachable canister for stairs & other tricky spots.
  • This vacuum cleans SO much better than our previous one. I could see the disgusting results right away in the canister.
  • This may have been a placebo effect, but the air really felt cleaner afterwards. You can laugh at me now.
  • Did I mention it’s lavender?


A Carriage Ride

This past weekend, we has some Christmassy fun in a nearby town. We all took a carriage ride, and my kids LOVED it. I think it’s safe to say horses are Sylvie’s favorite animal. She’s an avid neigh-er whenever she sees them. Kai was smiling through the whole ride. Then we all enjoyed some free hot chocolate and snuck in some Christmas shopping for the kids as well–one parent would sneak off to the counter while the other parent kept the kids busy.

Horses pulling a carriage Horses pulling a carriage



A Real Poinsettia

I’m kind of shocked with myself, but this is the first year in my entire life that I’ve bought a live poinsettia to decorate my home. I feel so grown up! (Disclosure: I’m 38 years old.) I put it on my plant stand, wrapped a garland around it, covered that in lights and ornaments, and now I’m hooked. Hooray for bad puns and beautiful flowers!

Decorated Poinsettia in the Sun

Decorated Poinsettia with lights

Decorated Poinsettia in the Sun



My Favorite Pin of the Week

I’m a big fan of The Better Mom blog, which is a site run by Ruth Schwenk with lots of collaborators.  On The Better Mom, you can find meaningful thoughts on family, faith, meal planning, and marriage. My fave this week is a guest post called 10 Ways to Create a Home Filled with Warmth and Grace. All of the tips here are right up my alley, and there is a printable at the end to help you keep them in mind. I highly recommend you check this one out!

click and then pin!

I’m on Pinterest here, if you want to see what else I’m pinning lately. I’d love to see what you’re pinning too!

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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8 Comments on Friday Favorites: Poinsettias and Horses

  1. We are having a more slowed down Christmas Season at our house this year. We are being more slow than in years past. Cutting down on all the cooking and buying more gifts.
    The cranberry muffins look so good but have not made them this year.
    Becky Jones

  2. Oh my goodness those muffins sound amazing!! I am saving that recipe to make for Christmas morning! The poinsettia looks so pretty! I’ve never bought one either but I think I might have to grab one tomorrow!

  3. Happy Friday! Those muffins look and sound amazing! Those horses are so pretty and I bet the carriage ride was a lot of fun. Haha I love that you gave in and are hooked on real poinsettias. Home Depot was out of their Black Friday specials by the time I got there and I haven’t picked one up yet. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra ~Beautifully Candid

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