Four Steps to Slow Down and Fight Christmas Stress

It’s December, and I feel BUSY. With two kiddos in the preschool age range, I’m enjoying making the holidays fun for them–but I also want it to be fun for the grown-ups, too, and sometimes that means slowing down. I’m writing this because it’s what I need to do right now. So, let’s do it together!

These 4 steps will take you from frazzled about the holidays to peaceful. Try these practical ways to keep Christ the focus and to fight Christmas stress. #stress #christmas #planning


Tips to Create a Stress-Free Christmas

1. Create a Plan that Reduces Christmas Stress

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of planning. I don’t do this because I’m Ms. Organized, I do this because I’m Ms. Unorganized. I think in order for you to create a stress-free Christmas, a good place to start is having a birds-eye view of what you’d like to do in November and December.

If you’ve been avoiding this, I understand. It’s not super fun to stare at a list of what’s coming. Just keep in mind that this is all for the purpose of slowing down, and remember this verse too.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

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2. Give Christmas Stress to God and Just Say No

The tricky thing about the holidays is that it’s full of GOOD things, things we love to do, traditions to soak in, sights to see, family to celebrate with, and elves to pose. It’s hard to make cuts to our calendar during the holidays, but I’m betting you can eliminate at least one or two things and still have a wonderful holiday with your family.

So sit down with that list, and pray about anything weighing you down. Take a few minutes to place all of your burdens and stress in God’s hands. Listen for what God might be telling you to lay aside. Then grab your pen and cross it off.

You can do it. Make a call or send an email and explain that you got a bit too busy to do x this year. Your friends, family, church members, etc. will completely understand (and probably wish they were cancelling a thing or two as well.) You might also consider substituting one activity for another one that’s less stressful.

This is what Paul says when he cancels his plans to visit his church in Corinth:

Now this is our boast: Our conscience testifies that we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially in our relations with you, with integrity and godly sincerity. We have done so, relying not on worldly wisdom but on God’s grace.

2 Corinthians 1:12

It’s okay to change your mind, and sometimes it’s God’s will that you do. Rely on God’s grace, not what the world says you should be doing at Christmastime. Be open to what’s best for your health and your family this season and you’ll avoid feeling Christmas stress.

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3. Ask Others for Help

Invite your babysitter over for a Saturday morning, ask grandma to take the kids for a Sunday afternoon, or see if your hubby can get out with the kids for an hour or two.

Once you’ve carved out that time, take care of some Christmas cards, online shopping, or other tasks that you need to knock out. Asking for and getting a bit of help will go a long way in helping you create a stress-free Christmas.


4. Build in Some Quiet Time

Friends, this is my favorite part! I’m going to challenge you to start your day with a little extra time soaking in some quiet. Trust me, you can do it!

I love preparing for my day in practical and spiritual ways so that I am refreshed and grounded before those kids wake up. I created an Advent Bible Reading plan, and I’d love you to join me!

If you need some extra help with creating a morning routine that you love and helps you out, try the Make Over Your Mornings class. This popular class really helped me start my day in productive and refreshing ways.


Following these four steps will make a big difference in the peace you feel this holiday season. Here’s a quick review:

  1. Create a plan that reduces Christmas stress
  2. Give Christmas stress to God and just say no
  3. Ask others for help
  4. Build in some quiet time

I hope you’re encouraged and ready to embrace time time of year with hope and intention. And I wish you a truly merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Four Steps to Slow Down and Fight Christmas Stress”

  1. We said no to a Christmas party that is happening tonight. It was so hard! But I felt such relief about it. Instead, though, we’re going out to eat supper with another couple. So we still won’t be as home, but the stress will be much less. 🙂 Thanks for these encouraging tips.

  2. I definitely will need this reminder next year once our little one is born, calling Grandma. It’s important not to let the holidays carry you away. Great post.

  3. Quiet time is essential for me, especially through the holiday season. Yet, it can be the thing that I tend to do the least. Not this year though. Thank you for your encouragement!

  4. What a fantastic list, Laura. I love that you include it’s ok to change your mind. Sometimes I feel so guilty for doing this, even when it is the best thing for my family and our sanity. 😉 Wishing you a blessed holiday season! Thanks for joining us.

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