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I can’t help but cringe a little bit when people ask me what I want for Christmas. The older I get, the more generic my list is. Usually “anything you think I’d like” is the first thing that comes to mind.

I love the practical trend of choosing four things for your kids in each of these categories, but I hadn’t thought of trying the idea out for myself. So today I’m joining Andrea of Momfessionals to talk about something I want, something I need, and things I’d wear or read.


Because nothing much comes to mind for something I want, I had to go looking around. But that’s what shopping is for, right?

I found this affordable, fluffy faux-fur rug on Amazon, and decided it would be great in our bedroom, or perhaps a little office area for me if I ever create one! It has wonderful reviews.


I’m taking this to mean something practical, because of course, my true needs are being met right now (thanks, God! Love my shelter, clothing, happy family, food, health, safety, etc.)

I have issues with drinking enough water–meaning I NEVER do. It turns out I need some extra flavors in my water in order to feel motivated to drink it. I saw this on Amazon, it’s a great price, and created by a mompreneuer, and I was pretty impressed!



Loft has this pretty, soft, sweater with a bell sleeve that I think is quite lovely. And right now, it’s on a crazy good sale!


I LOVE a good book, ladies. All I had to do to find one I’d like to read was take a look at the best-seller list. This one appeals to me in part because Ry and I lived in the South for three years, and I’m smitten with the setting already.

Denton’s first novel charms readers with her idyllic settings and wonderful cast of characters, making Sweet Bay and the Hideaway places readers will dream about. The Hideaway is a deeply satisfying exploration of family, friendship, and the meaning of home. (BookList)


Well, that’s it for me. And I think it worked–at first I was pretty stumped, but now I’m actually excited that I have a few things to ask for this year!

I can’t wait to see what you all want, need, would wear, and read this Christmas! Do you have a hard time knowing what to ask for like me? If so, I hope I gave you some good ideas! You can also check out my gift guide to bless the Christian mom for some of my favorite gifts to give.

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10 Comments on Want, Need, Wear, Read

  1. I don’t always know what to tell people either when they ask what I want. Honestly, though, if you gave me a gift card to a bookstore, I would be STOKED. I’m pretty easy. haha

    I’m loving that sweater though! I hope you get some of these items!


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