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I’m sitting here staring at my screen because I’m already a little overwhelmed by this topic. Good thing I can count on Shay and Erika to challenge me so I can get in gear for what’s coming! Are you as overwhelmed as I am about the holidays? I mean, I LOVE this time of year, and I’m excited about it, but I feel like I’m looking ahead into a sort of red-and-green colored abyss. So hooray for clearing the brain fog and diving in.


Ah, decorating. Right now my home looks a bit like Thanksgiving threw up in here, and I’m so proud. I’ve decided to decorate for Thanksgiving (with a lighted Christmas tree) and put up more decorations for Christmas in a few weeks.

If you have little ones and are struggling with knowing when to fit in decorating, I know how you feel! My best advice is to make it a family event and let them help with whatever they can. Don’t worry about making the holidays picture perfect and have fun!


There’s no specific thing you need to buy or tradition you need to implement to make Christ the center of Christmas…just start by reading the Bible.

I also understand when you are hungry to dive in a little bit more. If that’s you, here’s something I love.

Moms, I know it’s important to teach our kiddos and provide a Christ-centered Christmas for them. But we need it too! I think if we’re focusing on God this season, sharing it with our kids and creating a peaceful atmosphere will happen naturally. This Christ-Centered Christmas kit is sooo helpful in conquering the to-do list, but it’ll also take you through scripture so you can focus on Christ as a family. Go grab it before December hits!


I’ll be creating and sharing a gift guide soon (UPDATE: here’s my gift guide to bless the Christian mom), but for now it’s just time to think about a budget, what I’d like to get for those on our list, and maybe even set a goal for the date to finish shopping. I LOVE shopping for gifts, but it’s also hard to make time to do it. Gifts can sneak up on me, especially ones that I need to get in the mail.

Advent for Kids

This Advent e-book is for parents to read with kids aged 3-7. I got it to read with Kai when I was pregnant with Sylvie, and we are both big fans. I love that the lessons can all be boiled down to one simple word, and that an activity, lesson, and prayer is included for each day from Dec 1st until Christmas. They are short and sweet, and activities use things from around the house. This has gone such a long way in keeping the meaning of Christmas in our hearts and minds! (By the way, I’m quoting from my own review that I left on Amazon last year.)

Planning Your Timeline

My planner is working extra hard for me already! In case it’s helpful, here are the kinds of things I’m adding to my calendar for the holidays.

  • Christmas cards ordered, sent
  • Gifts purchased, wrapped, mailed
  • City calendar of events (parades, Santa visits)
  • Church programs and events
  • School programs and events
  • Holiday parties
  • Birthdays & anniversaries

Keeping the Peace

Well, we made it through my list…it wasn’t so bad, right? Now I’m going to sit down with my planner, my plethora of notes, and some pumpkin spiced coffee and pretend like preparing for the holidays is truly indulgent.

How are you preparing for the holidays? If you’re feeling the pressure already, remember to check out the Christ-Centered Christmas Kit. I hope you truly enjoy this season!

Planning for the Holidays


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  1. Keeping The Peace- Amen! It is so easy to get stressed this time of year but I try to focus on one step at a time and finding the joy in every little tradition and every day of the Christmas season -thank you for the reminder!

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