A Gift Guide to Bless the Christian Mom

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll say it again–all moms need some time to be refreshed. The holiday season is the perfect time to help the moms you know to get there, and to ask for something that will help fill you up and renew your spirit this season. It’s a busy time, so take care of yourself too!

I hand-picked these gifts from three places, and here’s why.

  • Nordstrom – Excellent quality, FREE shipping no matter what, great customer service, free and easy returns
  • Amazon – We’re all shopping there already!
  • Dayspring – You may not have heard of Dayspring, but they are the Christian division of Hallmark. They sell SO much more than cards, though, and Dayspring is killing it with their gifts!

These are just my favorite things that I thought would feel indulgent and encouraging, and I curated them just for YOU and the other moms in your life. Follow along by scrolling through the shopping widgets below.

Gifts Under $25

This is my favorite group, because it’s the most budget-friendly way to bring a smile to a mom. Asking for these is easy, and giving them out is even easier.
My Picks from Nordstrom

My Picks from Dayspring

Gifts Under $50

These are right in the wonderful-present-from-someone-who-loves-me sweet spot. (It's a thing.) I think all of these would make a mom light up this Christmas!

My Picks from Nordstrom

My Picks from DaySpring


Gifts above $50

I chose this group because they all offer something to help moms relax and get in a more peaceful mindset. They are wonderful gifts that are perfect for honoring the moms in your life.

My Picks from Nordstrom

My Picks from DaySpring


Go Shopping with a Heart of Encouragement

Have fun encouraging each other and spreading God's love this season!

A Gift Guide for the Christian Mom

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  1. These are such awesome and heartfelt gift ideas! I know a bunch of ladies that would love these and I would be happy with any of them, too 🙂 Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

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