Friday Favorites: Halloween and Holidays

Hooray for Friday Favorites! It’s November, which means it’s time to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas around here. We put up our Thanksgiving tree (photos next week!) and started a Thanksgiving tradition. We may have also played some Christmas music. Bring on the Bublé!

I caught a stomach bug this week, so my favorites are short and sweet. But before I get started, I had to mention that tomorrow I’m going to be featured on The Saturday Sit-Down over on Whimsical September. EEK! I’m super excited and I’d love to see you there! You can find me on Saturday mornings drinking a cup of coffee and catching this weekly series before I dive into my weekend plans. So please join me tomorrow on Erica’s blog and say hello!




I’ve never enjoyed a Halloween more than this one. Both of my kids had a blast walking around our neighborhood and talking to everyone while getting candy. Sylvie even learned how to say “Treat!” when she came to a door. As Kai explained to everyone he met, he’s a policeman and Sylvie is a beautiful princess.

After we got back from trick-or-treating, Kai handed out candy to kids at our house. He’d say, “Take what you want! Happy Halloween!” Every time. It was a wonderful night!



Gearing Up for the Holidays

Well, as promised, I started pinning all things Christmas!

I’m also thinking about what I’d like to give others, what I’d like to recommend to you, how to highlight Jesus with my kids, how to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving in my heart, among other things. I love this time of year.



An Amazing Giveaway for Expecting Moms and Moms with Babies

You may have seen this on my Facebook page, but I had to share here, too. If you’re expecting, you’ve got to enter this giveaway. I love the companies running it, and the prize is Oprah-level incredible. Sending much love to all the moms of babies and pregnant moms out there! You are blessed! (P.S. This isn’t sponsored or anything, I just had to share!)

Giving Thanks giveaway



What I’m Pinning: My Favorite Pin of the Week

Sierra over at Beautifully Candid wrote a piece this week on How To Support Bloggers and Influencers that rocked everyone’s world. Whether you blog or just love reading blogs, please go check out this post! It really struck a chord with me because I didn’t share, comment, like, or support other bloggers very much until I became one and began to understand how much these things can mean.

And if you aren’t familiar with it, Beautifully Candid is a wonderful lifestyle blog covering all sorts of topics. Sierra’s fashion posts are off-the-charts amazing, and she also shares awesome DIY and home decor, recipes, and fun family moments. Go explore her blog a bit, and of course, throw some support her way!

I’m on Pinterest here, if you want to see what else I’m pinning lately. I’d love to see what you’re pinning too!

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Halloween and Holidays”

  1. Happy Friday!! I can’t wait to see pictures of your Thanksgiving tree! We are all into Christmas music over here too. The kids look so cute in their costumes and I am so happy you all had a great time. Thank you so much for sharing my post! I really appreciate it and it means a lot. I hope you are feeling better and have a great weekend! Xo Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  2. Her post was great, wasn’t it?! I’m sorry you caught the bug. I so hope you are feeling better and everyone else in the family is spared! Congrats on your feature tomorrow! Happy Weekend!

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