pink flowers, gold decor

Friday Favorites: Pink and Gold


pink flowers, gold decor

Hooray for Friday Favorites! This week things look a little different around here. It all started with troubleshooting a problem that my website was having, and it ended up with what I hope is a wonderful improvement. I’d love your honest feedback on how the site looks and works. Shoot me a comment or an email! 🙂

But ANYWAY, let’s enjoy some favorite things, shall we?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I love pink. I love October. And I also love promoting women’s health and awareness. I’m far from a health expert, so keep that in mind. But I did attend a women’s breast cancer awareness night put on by our local hospital, and I learned a lot.

Here are just two things that I didn’t know:

  • The self-exams of yesterday, featuring methodical circles and varied pressure, is now a thing of the past. Instead, doctors encourage us to simply be familiar with our breasts in how they look and feel. Studies have shown that BSEs haven’t helped prevent or increased the survival rate of breast cancer. But it’s still very important to know what’s normal for you. Here’s more info.
  • There is new legislation in 30 US states requiring doctors to notify mammogram patients in writing of their breast density. (Iowa is one of them!) Here’s why:

    Dense breasts place women at increased risk of breast cancer and later diagnosis, in part, because breast cancers are more difficult to see on mammography in women with increased breast density.

    To find out if your state is one with this requirement, take a look at this map.

Breast cancer runs in my family, and years ago, I needed a mammogram and follow-up ultrasound. Thankfully, everything was fine, but I’m really glad we looked into it. It’s much better to get some opinions than to brush it off. So don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you feel something is wrong or different.

There were almost 300 people at this small town event!! I’m in the middle wearing my mom bun. 😉



Fall Fun

I can’t stop talking about fall…but it’s just been such a fun season around here! This week Kai had his preschool field trip, and Sylvie and I came. A year ago I was here with Kai, while my mom was home with Sylvie, and I was hoping to get home in time to breastfeed. This time felt a lot more carefree and complete. Kai loved showing his little sister his favorite things at the pumpkin patch.

Last year he needed me to ride with him on the train. This year? She needed him.

You can imagine how this made my heart melt!

I love how Sylvie gives Kai the courage to try new things, and he gives it right back to her. This was such a sweet moment in a wonderful fall day.



My daughter’s accidental Chinese

The other day I handed Sylvie the milk she’d asked for, and she responded politely with, “Xièxiè.” There’s something you need to understand at this point, and that’s the fact that I know how to say two things in Chinese: thank you, and hello. So when Sylvie said the Chinese words for thank you clear as a bell, with better intonation than I could ever hope for, I was kind of impressed.

I pretended she did it on purpose and for a day everyone in the household was using our two words of Chinese.

This girl makes us laugh on a regular basis.



Morning Victories

I don’t think I’ve ever written about my mornings and what I do before the kids wake up. And that’s kind of a shocker, because morning is my favorite time of the day. Before it was ever enjoyable, I spent plenty of mornings hoping I’d have a window to actually get dressed. After having kids, preparing for my day or having time for reading the Bible in the morning felt like a lifetime ago.

I’m sharing the things that have made a difference for me, and I KNOW they will make a difference for you, too. I created a little freebie for you when you sign up for my weekly email. I’d love to see you in your inbox!

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What I’m Pinning: My Favorite Pin of the Week

I’ve been following Erika Slaughter’s blog for years, and was caught by surprise when she devoted an entire post to the Hawkeyes and their new football tradition. I’m not exactly a sporty kind of girl, but Ry and I met at and graduated from the U of I, so we’re Hawkeyes through and through.

here we are visiting campus two years ago


Erika (whose husband is a college football official in his spare time) shares such a touching reaction to the Hawkeyes and how our new tradition inspired her. Go check it out!

I’m on Pinterest here, if you want to see what else I’m pinning lately. I’d love to see what you’re pinning too!

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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