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Today you get an inside look at an everyday kind of day with me, a SAHM to my four-year-old, Kai, and one-year-old, Sylvie. I’m living dangerously and chose to document yesterday and get it online for you today.

One thing I love about these posts is seeing how similar all our lives are as moms. And I know I’ll enjoy looking back and seeing what our days were like during this stage in life.

My day started at 5:30ish, when I woke up without an alarm, being the morning person that I am. I read chapter 9 of Mark, and saved this gorgeous verse image of the day from the YouVersion app. (See more of what’s on my phone here.)



I got dressed, put on a little makeup, and made my way downstairs, where I got cozy and responded to comments on my blog. I listened to a little Meredith Andrews too…love her!


fantastically four: working on my chromebook


I never know which kiddo is going to join me for making breakfast first, and today it was Sylvie. I’d started making breakfast when I heard her shouting at me to let me know she was awake. Happy-but-loud is how she does mornings.



Kai came out to the kitchen and gave me a big hug. I made coffee for the grownups and finished up with breakfast while they sat at the table and munched on dry cereal.


waking up is tough sometimes.


Ry came downstairs and we had a great breakfast involving Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice English Muffins, which you need to grab ASAP. Breakfast was followed by Sylvie’s favorite activity: brushing her teeth! I’m actually not being sarcastic here…she loves brushing teeth with her daddy.



I cleaned up after breakfast while Ry played with Kai and Sylvie, and then we took a poor-quality selfie together before he left for work. πŸ™‚



The three of us became pirates and ran around looking for gold. At 8:15 we wrapped up and put shoes on to get out the door for preschool. Not until I had more coffee, of course.


A Day in the Life: me and COFFEE


We hit the road to drop Kai off! The drive is all of four blocks.



After saying goodbye to Kai for the morning, I went home with Sylvie for a bit. We read some books, worked on our ABCs, and then she played with a crazy amount of uncooked beans in her toy kitchen while I swept and mopped.



At a quarter till 10, I took Sylvie to her first speech therapy appointment for a quick evaluation. She’s had a few problems with eating since day one, first with acid reflux, then with handling solid foods. While she has learned to eat soft foods, she still has had a few issues with swallowing different textures.

A good friend of mine (thanks, Emily!) recommended I take her to a speech therapist just to see if there was anything they could do for her. Sylvie was pretty jazzed about the fish and all the toys in the waiting room.



The appointment went really well, though it ended without a plan. They are going to put their heads together and determine whether an occupational therapist would be a better fit and will call me with more information tomorrow. We’ve had such a long line of specialists and opinions in trying to assess her minor issues without getting too invasive. I know we’re getting close, though.

After the appointment, we were in our little downtown, so we stopped at the square to eat a few Cheerios and take in the sights.



Sylvie loves stairs. I mean, climbing is her thing right now. So after a few trips up to the top of the gazebo, we reluctantly made our way home. There was just a bit of protesting. (Note: sarcasm.)

At home, Sylvie grabbed some milk, while I finished the last drops of my coffee. We played a bit more and before I knew it, it was time to pick up Kai from preschool. All Sylvie needs to hear is her brother’s name, and she shouts “KAI” and runs to put on her shoes. Mama isn’t nearly as exciting as her big brother.




He chattered to me about how they are going to visit the fire station next time, as well as what the snack he had that day–muffins!–and eventually, the letter he worked on writing as well. It sounded like he had a great morning.

Back at home, Ry was already on his lunch break from work and making us sandwiches. The man is a keeper, ladies. The lunch pics didn’t turn out to be too flattering. Do they ever?

We ate together and caught up on our mornings. After Ry left, I put on a Paw Patrol to entertain the kids while I cleaned and worked on dinner. I was super pumped because it’s the first chili night of fall! It’s the little things.

Next, we moved on to quiet time for Kai and naptime for Sylvie. I hunkered down to work on something new for my lovely email subscribers (it’s at the bottom of this post), and hung out with Kai. Did I mention Paris tea? It’s my little pick-me-up for the afternoon.



Sylvie woke up a couple of hours later (hooray for long naps!) and we all went to the backyard to get some energy out. We were pirates again here, looking for gold and going fishing. Kai explained to me that real-life pirates are bad, but we were good pirates, and that we have guns, but they only shoot tennis balls. We are my kind of pirates.



We came inside, got cleaned up, and I put on a Paw Patrol yet again while I worked on dinner. After pulling some cornbread muffins out of the oven, I discovered Kai laying down and knew something wasn’t quite right.



Kai usually jumps up and down while he watches Paw Patrol. He didn’t yet have a fever, but he was warm and coughing a bit. I’m praying this doesn’t turn into a sickness that would keep him from preschool Wednesday, when he’s going to tour the fire department, meet the firemen and see the trucks. But I’m also just praying he gets healthy and sleeps well tonight!

Ry came home from work and we ate!



You can’t go wrong with cornbread and chili.

Once again, I cleaned up after dinner a bit, and then the boys played Candy Land while I watched Sylvie climb a step ladder. It’s her idea of a good time, so it works for me.



This night was a little different because our church was having a special service with a guest speaker, and we’d planned on Ry going while I stayed home with the kids. So that’s what we did!

We waved goodbye and Kai was acting pretty exhausted, so I started the bedtime process.



I tucked my sweet kiddos into bed and was washing dishes by 7:15.



I did a little prep for tomorrow’s breakfast, wrote these words, folded some laundry that had been waiting for me in the bedroom, and got ready for bed.



Today my kids had fun and learned something, we went where we intended to go, we ate well, we played and laughed and prayed, and only one fit was thrown. It was a really good day.

Here’s what I was working on this afternoon. I created a sweet little printable to help you incorporate three important things in your morning routine. Being intentional about this each morning before my kids wake up has made such a difference for me! I’d love to have you on my list of subscribers and I’d especially love for you to grab this freebie. πŸ™‚

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Hope you have a great day! Take a look at the Momfessionals linkup for more day in the life posts.


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  1. Laura, I just opened your email and first off, saw you got a FB page… so exciting! And then I saw the title of this post and clicked on it right away. I’m actually in the midst creating A Day in the Life for my next post! So, I quickly wanted to see your routine and compare it to mine. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for opening up and sharing with us what a day looks like for you!

  2. The β€œladder climbing” as an activity just made my day! Many blessings to you and your family. I can see you are WELL LOVED!

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